How to Get the Most Money for Your Consignment Clothing


Consignment tips des moines moms blog

Spring is a great time to clean out your closet and make room for new clothes!

This means I make piles of things I did not/will not wear again. I have tried just about every type of consignment option available and thought it might be fun to share some of my tips for getting the most money for your items!

I typically hand-down all of my kids’ clothes and toys to younger cousins so I don’t have any tips for consigning kids’ clothing. However, I know my clothes also have a lot of life left in them, and I’ve had some pretty good luck getting money for them! (I am not getting any type of endorsement from any of these places.) 

Here are some of the places I’ve tried for consigning my own clothes and my experience with them.

Local Consignment Shops

I’ve used various places like Worn and Stuff, etc. and had good luck. Here is what is important to know:

  • Iron everything and make sure it is either hanging neatly or folded perfectly. A bag full of wrinkled clothing tends to get passed through a lot faster. 
  • Do not try to include anything with a stain or flaw. The consignors are professionals–they will find those stains! 
  • Consign clothes for the upcoming season or what is in season. Do not try to sell wool sweaters in July. 
  • Name brands do the best at “higher end” consignment stores. I find that items from Target or Kohls (for example) do better at a place like Stuff, etc. 
  • Be sure to think about your purses and shoes too! Accessories can bring in lots of money. Make sure they are very clean and no stains as well. 
  • You can either pick up your clothes after your time is up or they donate them to charity. 
  • A paper shopping bag of all name brand clothes will typically earn me about $30 in either a check or in-store credit. 
  • Call ahead to see when their drop-off times are. 

Consignment tips des moines moms blog

ThredUP and Online Consignment Sites

There is something very appealing about these online consignment places. You simply request one of their HUGE bags, it comes in the mail, and you fill it up with items you don’t want. Plus, many have apps which makes spending your earnings very easy! 

  • I’ve found they accept a variety of brands and wrinkled clothes are fine. Fill that bag up!
  • You have to pay more if you want your returns sent back to you, otherwise there is no fee to send your clothes in. 
  • They offer you either a check or site-credit option. I’ve always done the site-credit options and ended up with some pretty great pieces from their sites. 
  • I guess this means I’m not making money if I’m spending it right away! 
  • A full bag of mostly name brand clothing will typically get me around $25 in site-credit.
  • Poshmark is another online consignment site. Check out Becky’s tips for using Poshmark

Facebook Swap Sites

This has been my least favorite of all options, but I’ve probably made the most from this option. It is also the most work and stress. 

  • Post realistic photos of your items and have a pick up time of 24 hours after offer. Make sure the photo is brightly lit and on a very clean surface or hanging on a wooden hanger if possible.
  • Reply quickly to those interested. 
  • I would arrange a time to meet in a public parking lot or at the local police station. 
  • You are cutting out the “middle person” and can make more money this way. 
  • However, I’m finding that people aren’t using the swap sites as much lately, and I am tired of people “no-showing”. I’d much rather use the above options first! 
  • I’ve made $50+ for each of designer purses from Swap sales. I don’t do much with clothing unless it was a great coat, shoes, or dress. Those typically earn me around $20 to $25 each. 

Thrift Stores

Finally, if all of this is just too much work or effort, consider donating items to local thrift stores like Many Hands Thrift Market in Grimes or Encore Thrift Stores through Hope Ministries. 

Your turn! What consignment tips do you have for me? What am I missing out on?


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