5 Closet Clean Out Tips


closet clean out and organizing tipsDoes your closet need a makeover? A new year is a great time to start fresh and organize your life and home. Cleaning out your clothing closet is something that needs to be done from time to time, but it can often be neglected because it’s something you can easily shut the door on and ignore.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning out your closet:

1. Take everything out. This can honestly be a lot of work and is the part that might keep some people from doing it. Trust me, to have a fully clean closet, you must empty out every single thing! Set aside a Saturday afternoon or some time that you have a few hours and just do it.

2. Sort out the definite nos. These are the clothing items that are damaged beyond repair, do not fit anymore, are terribly out of fashion, or things you haven’t worn in a year. 

3. Set aside definite yeses. These are the clothes that make you feel good. You wear them often. They are in good shape and they fit well. 

4. Look at the not sure pile. These are all the clothing items that remain. I’m totally an advocate of only wearing things I love, so often this pile becomes the no pile for me, too. But, there are a few questions you can ask yourself about them before they leave your home:

Would you buy it again?

Is this a unique item you don’t have anything like?

Do you have a place to wear it?

Does it fit well?

If the answer is no, then these items should go into the no pile as well. If you’re on the fence, you could possibly store the pieces away for a few months and see if you miss them. Just set a reminder to yourself about where they are and a deadline or you’ll just clutter up another space in your home!

5. Deal with the no items right away. There are a couple options for what you could do with them. 

  • Sell on Poshmark or Facebook for sale sites (Just make sure you have a deadline. If they don’t sell by a certain date, donate them).
  • Donate them. If you’re local, I would suggest the Waukee Community Closet.
  • Trash items that are in bad condition.

How do you prevent the closet clutter from happening again? Think before you buy. Ask yourself how often will you really wear it? Does it make you feel like a star?

People ask me how I always look so nice. The answer is, I don’t wear clothes I don’t love, and I often sell things to buy new things!

Are you ready to clean out your closet? What other tips do you have?


closet clean out tips


  1. These are great tips! I think when you touch every single item, it’s better. I have done one round but I need to be more ruthless as my closet is still full with no breathing room!


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