12 Children’s Books You’ll Actually Like Reading


We have 141 children’s books. That count is low because I’m always finding books under the couch, in the car, and yes, even in the bathroom.

We don’t have 11 kids. We have two boys and about seventy books per kid seems logical, right? Yikes.

Our library is big because people like giving us books – and I love reading them! Reading is a perfect end to the day. It’s time to cuddle and slow down a little bit before bed.

But I hate reading books I don’t like. I’ll hide my least favorites so they don’t resurface for awhile until the kids dig them out from the back of the shelf.

Here are 12 children’s books I actually like reading.

Why 12? With 141 books, a traditional ‘top 10’ was too hard!

Time for Bed This book holds a special place in my heart because I read it to our oldest almost every night when he was a baby. I love the peaceful poem-y aspect of it – and of course, all the baby animals getting put to bed by their moms.

Dinosaur A-Z: For Kids Who Really Love Dinosaurs Not only does this book reinforce letters, it’s great for kids who refuse to call a dinosaur by anything other than its scientific name.

Where the Wild Things Are The sheer imagination behind this children’s book gets me every time. I too have little boys who get in trouble. But their dinner will always be hot, and their parents will always be there for them.

The Numberlys The Numberlys take a world full of numbers and make letters – giving their world a whole lot of fun, color, pizza, and jelly beans! A great reminder to look at things from a different angle.

We’re All Wonders This sweet book was given to us by good friends. It opens up conversations of differences and kindness.

The House in the Night The striking black and white colors are great for babies. And I like the way it ends, “in a home full of light.” Who doesn’t want that both figuratively and literally? Plus, it’s a quick read.

Max and the Won’t go to Bed Show For Max, the going to bed process is a pretty funny production. Ending, of course, with Max in bed asleep so he can perform the next day. Have a kid who doesn’t sleep? This one’s for you.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Written in the 1950s, this book is simple from an illustrative standpoint leaving room for imagination. The boy draws his world as he tries to find his way home – finishing with him ‘drawing’ up his covers and falling fast asleep.

Press Here This children’s book is so much fun and interactive! Kids clap, press, and shake the book to make the dots do different things.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia I don’t like reading this one because who can pronounce Scansoriopteryx? Good thing my husband was a dino nerd as a kid. If your kids like dinosaurs (a lot) and you think a book like this is over their heads, it won’t be. And, it’ll last them quite a few years.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom A classic! But it’s fun to read, fairly short, and it really does help kids learn their letters.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! This children’s book reminds me to push through, even if the ‘Hakken-Kraks’ are howling. It also starts to reinforce resilience for my kids. They will get mixed up with ‘strange birds’ and need to learn to ‘step with care and great tact’ because after all, ‘life’s a great balancing act.’

What are some of your favorite kids’ books? Happy reading!

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