Blessing A New Mom


We have all had babies or know of someone that has had a baby. Those first few weeks can be tiresome, overwhelming, confusing and even painful. I know how that feels, and I also know how it feels to be blessed by friends and family during this time. Here is my list of ways I have been blessed after giving birth!

Drake and I cuddling
Drake and I cuddling

Offer to take any older children!

I love my big girls, and they fell in love with their brother immediately. They wanted to love on him, snuggle him, touch every cute, tiny little piece of him. They are fantastic big sisters and they are usually willing to help a mama out! But, after giving birth to an 8+ lb baby at 2 o’clock in the morning and nursing that babe every 2 hours day and night, I was exhausted and sore. All I wanted to do was cuddle up with my little man and snooze on the couch. With the sisters around, I felt guilty when I did this. When family and friends offered to take them for any amount of time, I was so grateful. They needed some attention and to get out of the house; and I really appreciated the time I had to cuddle and snooze!

Have a newborn photo session.

When Drakey was born, a friend of mine offered to come down and snap some pictures of him with me and with the girls. I cherish these pictures. The newness of him. How young the girls look just a year ago. Those sweet moments between mother and newborn. All within the comfort of our home. No worries about taking a baby and siblings anywhere.

Lili, Drake and Cadee
Lili, Drake and Cadee

 Surprise them with a meal.

Besides the nursing staff, the private room and the option to send my kids home with Nana, I really loved the fact that I didn’t have to prepare a single meal. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. But knowing that it was all taken care of and could be delivered whenever I was ready, was glorious. If you know of a new mom, bring them a meal. Sometimes, friends will arrange to have a couple weeks worth of dinners delivered, so maybe surprise them with lunch or even bring over something easy for breakfast.

A gift for mom.IMG_2267

Shopping for babies is fun. A cute outfit, a soft blanket, a hat to adorn their tiny head…and maybe some sweet smelling lotion or coffee for the new Mama! When baby is born, the love seems to shift and Mama tends to feel a little neglected. Change that with a little gift just for her. Add in a card of encouragement for some extra love! Something that says you are there for them and that the dishes and laundry can wait.

Run some errands for them.

Chances are, that new mama is not going to feel comfortable enough to head out to get groceries, or more diapers or do anything but stay home for a couple of weeks. If you are headed to the store, give them a call, or shoot them a text offering to pick a few things up!

Offer your time.

Offer to come over and clean their kitchen, dust their shelves, do the dishes, fold some laundry, or maybe just rock that sweet little bundle so Mama can shower!

What are some ways that you have been blessed by someone after welcoming a new baby?


  1. I love this Rachel, this is something that I think is so important to do! We were beyond blessed by our small group and friends with meals for weeks after each of our girls were born- BEST THING EVER. Cannot go wrong with food!

  2. Great ideas Rachel! Blessing a new mom with meals really is the best thing ever. I LOVED when our friends and family did it for us and now that is my go-to for any new mom that I know!


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