Bikini Body Mommy Challenge Review


Bikini Body Mommy ChallengeI became a mom on August 26, 2012. That was a year ago, folks! Toward the end of my pregnancy, I refused to weigh myself. The numbers on the doctor’s scale were skyrocketing, and I had never seen such a large digit in the middle of that magic number.

After Marlo was born, I was determined to lose all the pounds that did not come off with childbirth.

Fast forward (super fast) one year: I’m still carrying around most of the pounds that didn’t come off with my baby.

I’m a first-timer. I had no idea how much time and energy truly goes in to keeping a little person alive. We moms are pulled in a million directions every day, and we don’t make time for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a combination of factors that prevents me from taking time for myself: I missed my baby all day and I just want to spend time with her when I get home from work; I’m exhausted from the most recent sleep regression session; I have to work late; my husband has to work late…. Those 30 minutes for exercise are hard to accumulate in one day.

Marlo trying mama's running shoes on for size
Marlo trying mama’s running shoes on for size

But alas, it’s been one year and I’m feeling more rested, motivated, and slowly realizing the value (to my whole family) of taking time for myself.

On September 2, I started following the Facebook group called Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. Briana Christine, the blogger/trainer/fit mommy extraordinaire, will post a workout on Facebook every day for 90 days. They’re tailored to moms. They don’t take two hours in the gym to complete. And these workouts are no joke. Even if the workout is just 10 minutes long, I’m sweating buckets in my living room. My husband, who watches television while I flail during burpees, can attest to the intensity. Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s laughing at The Office or my sweet moves.

I’d recommend the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge to all you mommies out there who are struggling to find time to hit the gym. And even if you don’t exercise, taking 30 minutes a day for yourself will help you re-energize and be an even better you so you can be an even better mama.

Have you taken the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge? We’d love to hear how it worked for you!

Meet Guest Blogger Jenny Lewis

Jennifer Lewis Headshot (family)Jenny is wife to a cookie-baking entrepreneur, Dereck (, the not-so-new mom to Marlo Sylvia (August 2012), daughter, sister, friend and full-time attorney at a local insurance company. In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, water-skiing, and learning how to maximize life’s little moments.


  1. This speaks all too well to most of us who are too afraid to say that or admit the truth. The journey to accept your post baby body is definitely a journey and not a destination, thank you for the post and I have just liked the page. Looks like great ideas!


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