Best Mom Hacks in 2020


best mom hacksThe mom tribe is strong, and we use one another to share tips and tricks. We’ve had a lifetime to perfect our everyday mom hacks, but 2020 has thrown us some extra challenges. I asked other moms what tricks they have learned to survive this Jumanji-like year.

Best Mom Hacks

Everything Drive-Through

This was definitely the most common answer among my mom friends and my personal favorite. Going on a daily car ride does so many great things for our family. It gets us out of the house, the kids zone out a bit (or talk constantly no in between), I can run safe errands from the car, and if your partner is home it gives them some sanity time at home.

Take advantage of everything that is being offered drive-through right now. I only wish these were all available when my children were newborns! Libraries, restaurants, TARGET, Starbucks – the list of places doing curbside pickup just keeps growing.

Chances are a local business may even come to you! My local pet food store is delivering our dog food each month – and Crème Cupcake even set up an Easter Egg Hunt at our house back in April!

Use Your Village

A mom friend of mine makes adorable kids masks so I stocked up with her, then passed her name along. Lean on your family members or grandparents to help us with the load of teaching, parenting, AND working all at once.

Before the pandemic I always reached out to other moms for advice – and wow has that increased this year! None of us has the right answer, and there is no right answer – but at least we are all going through this at the same time and trying to find the right path along the way.

Your Local Library

Our local libraries are there to be a tool for everyone, and they are adapting along with us. One mom is participating in her local library’s weekly craft. The library provides all of the supplies, then you can make the craft while watching a corresponding story-time! One mom found audiobooks to save her family.

Virtual Lessons and Activities

Zoom fatigue is real, but there are creative activities you can have your child do through Zoom. They may even get opportunities they don’t normally encounter in a non-Jumanji-pandemic year. For example, my 6-year-old is taking piano lessons from my aunt, who sent over a book for them to follow along over FaceTime calls. A mom of a teen shared that her child took voice lessons over Zoom.

More Ideas

  • Get outdoors! Explore a new park, go on a hike, or order takeout and have a picnic as a family.
  • Mom Night Out or Happy Hours! Reconnecting with other people always fills me up. Get creative with your time with friends – even if it’s just sending a quick text to check in on a mom.
  • Workout classes. My fitness studio offers your choice of in-person or online workout classes. Even if you don’t have a membership somewhere, you can find countless videos on YouTube.
  • Virtual worship. No matter what your spirituality, so many places are finding ways to worship virtually. Sit down with your family and create the “church” experience at home. One Sunday I had my children even give to the collection.

What are your best Mom Hacks? 

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