Be the Encouragement


Formula or breast milk? (Formula for both my boys)

Co-sleeping or baby in their own bed? (Own bed 99% of the time)

Vaccinate or not? (Vaccinate following recommended schedule)

Baby led weaning or baby food from the jar? (From the jar or more often than not a pouch)

Cloth or disposable? (Disposable)

Stay at home or work (I work part-time)

It seems all mothers have an opinion about the subjects mentioned above. I bet while you were reading the choices above you were mentally answering each question with the choices you made for your children. The choices you thought about, researched and maybe even lost sleep over. The choices that were made not only using your head but also your heart. The choices that you feel are right for your child, yourself and your family.

Have you ever felt judged by another mother for the choices you have made for your children? I know I have. I have a been a mom for almost 4 years now and I am still so astounded by the judgment and competition you did not know grown women were capable of. Although we might not always understand why somebody made the choices they did… it is only right to respect those choices. I often wonder what motherhood would be like if we, as women and mothers, could be as quick to encourage each other as we are to judge and break each other down.

Next time you see a woman shaking up a bottle of formula please give her a kind smile. She might be doubting her decision or feeling guilty and your smile might give her just a little bit more security and peace with her decision.

When you are walking through the mall food court don’t glare and whisper as you walk by the woman breastfeeding her baby. She is providing the most basic need to her child and does not need to be made to feel insecure or uncomfortable about the choice to feed her baby in public.


I hope you are surrounded by support and great friendships and amazing advice and a wonderful network of women. I also hope you are able to be a friend and offer support and advice to a mother you know. After all, we are all just trying to navigate through this crazy, wild, awesome, amazing journey of motherhood the best way we know how. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go through the journey with less judgment and more support?

Be the encouragement, be the smile, be the kindness.


  1. Loved this reminder that just as I need that encouragement, so does the mother who hasn’t stopped second guessing herself about the disposable diapers, formula, etc… Well said.


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