Tammy Watkins

Prenatal chiropractor and doula by trade, wife and mama by grace. My handsome husband, Zac, and I love to play with our two kiddos (4 and 1), boat, spend time with friends, find new 'healthy' recipes and meals to prepare, and watch Cornhusker football. Coined as a 'birth junky', I love to talk all things pregnancy and birth and pursue my passion of empowering, educating and equipping pregnant mamas and their families.
Feeling Beautiful before Birth with Henna

Feeling Beautiful before Birth with Henna

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you can probably relate to the end-of-pregnancy "blah." It is when nothing seems to fit, your shirts aren’t long enough to cover your belly and your pants keep wrinkling...
Preparing for Baby, New Sibling, Big Brother

Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

As I approached the delivery of our second child, I couldn’t help but find myself feeling guilty. Guilty that our firstborn wasn’t going to get the love and attention we had been able to...
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Choosing to Birth without Fear

In our society, birth seems to be portrayed as a life event full of fear. Whether you are watching the birth of a baby on television, reading about it in a novel, or talking with...

Fathers: Their Role in Pregnancy, Delivery, and Beyond

The importance of a father's role in the journey toward parenthood and beyond is often overlooked. Dads are usually the ones who know the expecting mother best and how to best serve her and care for her....

“Every Woman Deserves a Midwife”

Today is International Midwives Day and I wanted to recognize all of the selfless, dedicated and amazing midwives we have in our community! “Every...

Sesame Street Live! at Wells Fargo Arena This Weekend

Sesame Street Live! Can’t Stop Singing is at Wells Fargo Arena all weekend (May 2-4, 2014). When Elmo casts a spell with Abby Cadabby’s magic wand, there’s something in the air – and Sesame Street...

A Day in the Life of a Pregnant Mom: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

We have talked about some things to be considering as you prepare for your baby's birth (namely, Taking Charge of Your Birth, Choosing Where Your Baby will be Born, Choosing Your Birth Team, and Creating...

Creating a Birth Plan

Today, Tammy continues her series on making informed choices for your upcoming birth. If you missed her previous posts, find them here: Taking Charge of Your Birth, Choosing Where Your Baby will be Born,...

Choosing Your Birth Team

Now that you have considered where you are going to have your baby and who your care provider will be, it’s important to think about who you will have by your side when you...

Choosing Where Your Baby Will Be Born

Where you have your baby, and with whom by your side (or at your feet), is a decision that can be explored before you even find out you are pregnant. In fact, I recommend...