Shay Scholtes

Shay is the wife to a self proclaimed IT nerd, mama to two daughters, Sophia-5 and Saidey-2. By day she is an addiction/mental health therapist and by night she is a blogger/writer at Three Gals and a Guy, reader, and binger of Netflix and reality TV. LIfe can get crazy busy, but she wouldn't have it any other way!
bedroom with black walls. Home Refresh Ideas. Des Moines Mom

7 Simple Home Refresh Ideas

Spring is a fresh start, new growth, and for lots of us- a little spring cleaning! For me, I like to do a little home refresh to give it a little lift after the...
women riding bikes in woods. body image. Des Moines Mom

Talking to Kids About Body Image

At the fresh age of 23 when I had my first daughter, I didn’t realize how much one tiny human could teach ME. Becoming a mom truly helped me become the best version of...
woman holding baby at dusk. gentle parenting. des moines mom

Why We Choose the Gentle Parenting Approach

Imagine this: you just had a really stressful day at work. You get home and proceed to vent and express your frustrations to your partner. Your partner then scolds you for being so dramatic...
blender, wafflemaker, coffee pot. Favorite kitchen appliances. Des Moines Mom

Our Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen storage space is precious. There are so many small appliances and gadgets on the market that promise convenience. Or that they will make your life easier. It can be overwhelming trying to figure...
woman journaling. Des Moines Mom

Benefits of Journaling

We all made it to another year! Go us! I don’t know about anyone else but the end of 2021 into the beginning of 2022 were ROUGH! Between illness, holiday stress, and other random...

Why We Told Our Kids the Truth About Santa

I love, love, love all holidays. It’s so fun to decorate and do all the fun activities associated with each holiday. But Christmas. Whew. My absolute, hands-down favorite holiday. It’s ALWAYS been my favorite holiday....
anxiety in kids

Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety

As a mom and therapist who deals with her own slight anxiety, it was no surprise to me one of my children was also born naturally anxious. Beyond "just shy" or quiet and reserved- the...

Listening to your Mom Intuition

My third little guy turned two in December 2020. He lived much of his first year during COVID times. We pulled him out of child care and his days consisted of two work-from-home parents...
extended breastfeeding

If They’re Old Enough To Ask… Breastfeeding Beyond Age 1

"If they're old enough to ask for it, they're too old!" This age-old phrase about extended breastfeeding is one I’ve heard several times throughout my nursing journey with my last two kids. After an...
summer bucket list

Our Family Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! And I’m welcoming summer extra this year after a year of virtual learning! Whether your kids did hybrid, in person, or virtual/homeschool- we did it, parents!! Now, bring on Summer!!  I love sitting...