Sarah stopped through Des Moines while moving from NYC en route to Chicago. She quickly met the love of her life and, after a marriage proposal in a hot air balloon over the bridges of Madison County, ended up planting roots in Iowa! Now a mama to four amazing kiddos ages 9, 8, 6 and 1, she spends most of her time running to doctor appointments, choir rehearsals and swimming lessons. When not on official mom duty, Sarah can be found teaching English online, directing a youth show choir or teaching private music lessons. She strives to always make a difference while keeping a smile on her face and a mocha in her hand.
daddy daughter dance

Why I Love the Daddy Daughter Dance: A Dad’s Story

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I'm about to have the greatest night of my life. How do I know this? Because it happened last year, and the year before that, and the year before...
teacher appreciation

To My Child’s Teacher

Dear Teachers, I appreciate you. You often go unthanked. So, today let me express to you how much you mean to me. When my children wake up grumpy because I let them stay up too late...
is santa real?

Is Santa Real?

"Mommy? Is Santa real?" Two huge brown eyes looked up at me with genuine concern. My heart began to beat faster and faster. I was not ready to have this conversation. My husband and I...
Self care. Moms can't do it all

Can Moms Do it All?

Yep, I'm that mom. The one you see in the school drop off lane with mascara smudges under her eyes, wearing fluffy pajama pants and one of her husband's old t-shirts. I'm the mom who...
DIY Halloween Costume ideas

DIY Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks

Every year my son comes to me with a new amazing DIY Halloween costume idea. He presents a picture of exactly how his costume is supposed to look and I magically make it appear...
grandma's wisdom Black and White photo

A Great-Grandma’s Words of Wisdom

This July, my amazing grandma turned 93 years old! In honor of Grandparents Day on September 9, I have asked her to share a few words of wisdom. Living nearly a century, our Mimi has...
Des Moines splash pads, fountains, spray grounds

Des Moines Splash Pads and Spraygrounds

Here's a link to spraygrounds and pools that are open in 2020.  Every summer my family likes to frequent splash pads in Des Moines. Not only is it a great way for the kids to...
take back summer for kids say no to busy

It’s Time to Take Back Summer

Moms, it is time to take back summer! In the past, our family has always tried to do summer camps, take vacations, plan home improvement projects, and create epic summer memories. I have felt guilty...
ENT ear tubes ear infections

What to Expect: Ear Infections, ENT, and Ear Tubes

The dreaded ear infections. You look at your toddler and see a runny nose. And then it happens. Just like a miniature Carol Burnett, your precious toddler looks up at you with innocent eyes...
son with down syndrome

A Letter from My Unborn Son, with Down Syndrome

When I was 11 weeks pregnant, I received a Down Syndrome diagnosis for my unborn son. My world came to a screeching halt. It felt like I was completely alone. After speaking with my...