Rachel Verzani

Rachel is the wife to an accountant, the mom to a sweetheart, Cadence (Dec. 2004), a sass-a-frass, Liliana (April 2007), a smiley little guy, Drake (May 2012) and a precious baby sister, Sophia (October 2015). She enjoys her days at home taking care of her babies, setting up play dates, being active in her girls' classrooms, blogging, baking and praying. Check her out at myspoonfulofsugar-rv.blogspot.com and desmoinesmomsblog.com.
nourish: word of the year

Nourish: My Word of the Year

I love the idea of picking one word to focus on for the year.  One word to fuel you. One word to push you towards your goals. One word to define your vision. One word to be your...
What would you change about yourself? be a finisher

What Would You Change About Yourself?

Jenny started it. She signed up for our Takeover Tuesday, promptly introduced herself with a beautiful headshot. And then she did it.  She posted the first honest thing I saw all day. The one thing I kept...
choose joy in motherhood

Choose Joy

Crayons. Everywhere. On the table, under the table, possibly a piece in her mouth. The resident toddler prefers them scattered everywhere. Perhaps that's how she best creates.  A little voice at the side of my bed...
reading books, book lovers

Fall in Love With Reading Again

School is back in session, and we are settling into new routines. It's been all fun games of learning names and all the school rules, but soon, kids will have a few pieces of...

It Happened to Me: Spinal Headache

"Just keep counting," my husband said as he rolled over and fell back asleep. It was early in the morning, before the sun. I was having contractions, counting them, timing them. I had a false...
teen mom experience

Life Experiences as a {Teen} Mom

Junior Prom: 2004 Boyfriend and I are just a couple of carefree teenagers, comfortable with each other, but truly still trying to impress each other. Flirting, holding hands, all dolled up for the prom! What...
Moana: A Soundtrack for Motherhood

Moana: A Soundtrack for Motherhood

Over spring break, our family met the newest Disney princess, Moana. We watched the movie each day of break, at least once. No shame. We loved it! We started singing the songs while we we're...

Mom’s Guide to Painting Her Own Nails

You're a busy mama, and you want to pamper yourself a little and paint your nails. If only it were that easy! Here's what it looks like when I try to paint my nails: 1. Give...
family of 6 des moines moms blog

I have 4 Kids, but I Still Want to be Friends!

Have you seen the movie The Family Stone? When my husband and I first saw it, we both loved the picture it painted of a big family that gathers for holidays. It started a...

Puppy Foster Care

"Mom! Can we get a puppy? Pleeeaaase?! PRETTY PLEAAASE????"  "I don't think so, hun." Famous last words. Our kids have wanted a puppy for a long time. And we keep avoiding it. And then we revisit...