Niki Smith

Niki is an Iowa native who now lives with her husband Ryan, daughter Riley, and son Merritt in Johnston. She is passionate about paid leave for working parents, thrifting, and Beyonce. Niki is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Homesteaders Life Company in West Des Moines. She is also owner of Bee Thrifty, which consigns designer clothing for clients on Poshmark. Niki is a two-time graduate of Drake University with a bachelor’s in journalism (2008) and a Master’s in Communication Leadership (2015).
woman sitting at table working on laptop with kids. Des Moines Mom

How to Work From Home (or Hybrid) with Kids in Summer

Last year I gave my 7-year-old a summer job. She earned a “salary” of a Yes Day at the end of the summer. This year, we are pursuing another adventure of juggling camps, two parents...
mom and daughter laughing together. being a mom. Des Moines Mom

How I Became a Mom: An ode to all parents

This is a story of how I became a Mom. Well, when two people love each other... Haha, just kidding. I hope you didn’t come here for that story. But, I hope you will stay...
kids wearing backpacks. kindergarten. Des Moines Mom

Why I Sent My Summer Baby to Kindergarten

If you have a kid who was born in the summer, you know how difficult it is to decide on when to send them to kindergarten. We have a few moms who have weighed...
bridge into Des Moines. Des Moines Mom

5 things to do in Des Moines over spring break

Are you spending spring break in Des Moines? Our family is! We have a growing list of things to do over break and wanted to share a taste. Here are five ideas for how...
bathtub full of water and orange slices. pamper yourself. Des Moines Mom

It’s Time to Pamper Yourself Mama. You Deserve It!

Among your duties as a mom making meals, arranging play dates, and generally caring for the health of your family (and in a pandemic), you may forget to take time for yourself. It’s time...
birthday cake with sprinkles. Holiday birthday Des Moines Mom

How to Embrace a Holiday Birthday

I have learned to love my December birthday. I have lived through years of combined Christmas and birthday gifts, the holiday-themed wrapping paper, and countless fuzzy socks as gifts. I used to complain about my...
holiday gift giving ideas. Mom looking at phone during holidays. Des Moines Mom

Holiday Gift-Giving Hacks for Moms

Who says the holidays have to be stressful? Like anything with being a parent, use your Mom community to learn the best tips and tricks for a smooth holiday season. I asked our contributors...
run half marathon

I ran a half marathon, and you can too!

I ran the Greater Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon in September! This was something on my bucket list that I wanted to complete while I still physically could. I finished (nearly) last, but I...
give your kid a job

Why You Should Give Your Kid a Job

I worked from home this summer, so we decided to keep our first grader out of daycare to minimize her exposure to COVID-19. I panicked in early June, wondering what would fill her days....
des moines bucket list

What’s On Your Des Moines Bucket List?

I visited the Living History Farms for a field trip in fourth grade. I still remember buying rock candy in the general store. My grandparents lived just up the road in Waukee. I told...