Nicole Fergesen

mom holding child in a field. when life is hard. Des Moines Mom

Mothering When Life is Hard

Have you been there? Have you ever had days (or seasons, or even years...) when life just runs you over? And yet, you are still a mom. No matter what kind of day you...
mom style capsule wardrobe. des moines mom

Easy and Cost Effective Mom Style Capsule Wardrobe

  When I think mom style, my mind immediately goes to the classic '90s mom jeans (you know, the ones before they were "cool") or a tired mom wandering around in yesterday's pajamas (which is...
kids out playing in snow. Winter Survival. Des Moines Mom

Family Winter Activities When You’re in Survival Mode

It feels like we're on day 216 of winter. The temperatures are frigid and kids have an infinite amount of energy with no place to exert it. I don't know about you, but that is...
breast pump and bottles. pumping while traveling. Des Moines Mom

Pumping while Traveling – Planning, My Experience, and Tips for Success

As a nursing mama, the month leading up to our kid-free vacation was basically full of anxiety leading up to three days of respite. It would be our first trip away from our new...
family photo Nicole Fergesen Des Moines Mom

Meet Nicole Fergesen

I feel like mom friends are the best friends, right? The ones where your children can be shoving a cheerio in your nose while you are changing a diaper and carrying on a conversation...