Liz Johnson

Liz is mom to second grader Jonah, preschooler Gwendolyn, and toddler Theo. She and Troy married and bought a Beaverdale home in 2010. A teacher on maternal hiatus, Liz prefers reading to housekeeping and uses West Wing reruns to settle her mind. She believes any problem can be solved with fiction but loves to explore her reality in Des Moines.
mom inspiration

Finding Momspiration in Books

There are times when Momming requires inspiration. Mom blogs are great for short bursts and immediacy but sometimes I need more. I need longer.   I need books. Nobody has time to read books. I ignore much...
fall is best

Fall is the Best Season for Parents

Fall is the best season for parents. Absolutely.  In our house, conversation about the best season of the year revolves around birthdays, and the kids’ favorites lean toward those in which their birthdays arrive. Not...

Feelings are Tough. SEL Can Help.

There have been a lot of Big Feelings around our house this year: rage, sadness, joy, and confusion, among others. The kids have been emotional, too.   More and more Iowa schools are recognizing these feelings and...
epic road trip

Are You Ready for an Epic Family Road Trip?

My husband and I are slow decision-makers. I’ve used euphemisms like “careful” and “deliberate” but we’re just slow.  The challenges of this particular year have managed to slow us down even further and our indecision...

Our Homeschool Adventure Ends

I never thought I’d homeschool my kids.  However, this year homeschooling was the best option for our specific situation. I stand by this decision. Now that the school year is over and we look ahead to...

Mom’s Pandemic Hobbies

So many people have used this past year to attempt and master various hobbies. The truly clever ones have even managed to monetize them. I am not one of these people.  When I reflect on how...

The Anticipation of Parenting

Our daughter is a planner. She likes occasions. In her five years of life, she’s planned an untold number of events - real and imagined - to celebrate. The pandemic has only enhanced her planning....
Farewell Nursing breastfeeding

My Farewell to Breastfeeding

I’m done breastfeeding. After 27 months of not having any reason to stop breastfeeding, I decided I didn’t need a reason. I just wanted to.   This marks the first time in eight and a half years...
romance novels

7 Romance Novels to Escape Stress of Life

Feeling stressed? Need an endorphin rush? You could go for a run. Or out for a great dinner (super likely, right now). Maybe you could wipe out Target’s chocolate stash. Or you could try my...
pandemic toddler

Life with a Toddler, in a Pandemic

Life with a toddler is...memorable. Few experiences can equally entertain and enrage moms and dads as the battles - I mean blessings - of toddlerhood.  However, the pandemic has changed these battles a bit. One...