Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson
Liz is mom to second grader Jonah, preschooler Gwendolyn, and toddler Theo. She and Troy married and bought a Beaverdale home in 2010. A teacher on maternal hiatus, Liz prefers reading to housekeeping and uses West Wing reruns to settle her mind. She believes any problem can be solved with fiction but loves to explore her reality in Des Moines.
Pandemic Journal

5 Easy Ways to Keep a Pandemic Journal

It’s hard to imagine ever forgetting what life is like right now: the stresses, the challenges, a new normal that evolves daily, the fleeting joys, the endlessness of it all. But, and I say this...
homeschool ideas

35 Homeschool Activities Others Can Do With Your Kids

Like many parents this fall, I find myself unexpectedly homeschooling three children. Gulp.  I have concerns.  One of these many concerns is my kids’ lack of exposure to other adults. I understand different kids connect to different...
What To Read

Book Recommendations from a Busy Mom

When someone asks for book recommendations, I always panic. It’s not that I’m without suggestions, it’s that reading can be such a personal experience.  The right book has to find you at the right time...

Celebrating 10 Years

We were going to take a trip for our anniversary.  Ten years of marriage justified the expense. It was going to be the second time in seven years of parenthood that we were kid-free. We...

Being Grateful in Hard Times

I knew I was in trouble when a Coronavirus update from my cell service provider made me burst into tears.  Their message said, “We’re here and we’re ready,” and I was overwhelmed. What confidence! What...
Quiet Spaces

5 Outdoor Spaces in Des Moines to Find Peace and Quiet

I crave quiet. Lack of noise. Sound’s absence. Eradication of the endless voices screaming off the news page and inside our house.   It’s a nice idea. But the reality is children come with noise and if...
mental health professional

Why I See a Mental Health Professional

I regularly see a mental health professional.  And I love it. I started about three weeks after our daughter was born. She was our second so I was confident we had all the parenting bases covered. Then...
love story

Our Love Story: Before We Were Parents

I love relationship origin stories, but ours tops them all. Because it’s ours. Because it reminds me of how we got to where we are. Of who we were before the 10 years of...
holiday conversation

Holiday Conversation Topics to Avoid

Does anyone else struggle to find appropriate holiday conversation topics? The table is set and all of your loved ones gather round. You haven’t seen many of these friends and family members since this...
Hostess anxiety

Birthday Parties Stress Me Out

We just hosted our third baby’s first birthday party. It was everything a birthday party should be, with doting grandparents, enthusiastic cousins, and plenty of sugar.  There was a theme, corresponding decor, food, and...