Katie Nyberg

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Wes, and we have two energetic elementary aged boys. We love to explore Des Moines, travel around the country, and do anything sports related together! I own my own birth & postpartum doula business, The Iowa Baby Lady, and love serving mothers in our area as they grow, birth, and mother their babies with confidence!
ten year old

5 Reasons I Love Having a 10 Year Old

I used to teach 5th grade, and I heard over and over again, "How can you teach 10 year olds every day? I could never do that!" It always struck me as funny because...
personality test

How Personality Tests Brought Me Joy in 2020

2020 was a very divisive year for everyone, especially for me as an introvert. It is not that I don’t have strong opinions on politics, social issues, health, religion, etc. But I don’t feel...
zoom thanksgiving

How to Plan a Zoom Thanksgiving

If someone told me a year ago we would be planning to host Thanksgiving on Zoom, I would have laughed (or cried)! Our extended family has decided to do our Thanksgiving on Zoom this year...
encourage new moms

Tips for Encouraging a New Mom

New moms need encouragement now more than ever. Besides the expected emotional changes and physical healing from birth, new moms are also learning to parent their newborn during a global pandemic. It is common...

Our First Amtrak Train Ride

We recently took our first ride on Amtrak and loved our experience. Our travels took us from Osceola, Iowa, to Granby, Colorado. This was a mother-son trip to celebrate my youngest’s tenth birthday. Arriving at...
vacation rental

Tips for Vacation Rentals

When you're traveling with kids, vacation rentals are the way to go. We’ve stayed at places in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. During a couples' trip, we even stayed in an oceanfront Airbnb in...
des moines moms blog katie nyberg date at home ideas with husband

5 Creative Ideas for Date Night at Home

A few years ago, I wrote about How I Date My Husband. We had little kids and it made sense to be intentional about finding ways to stay connected when we couldn’t find—or afford—babysitters....
gender disappointment

Overcoming Gender Disappointment: My Story of Having ANOTHER Boy

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I truly didn't care whether I was having a boy or girl. I knew I wanted one boy and one girl, and I wouldn't have any...
13 Reasons Why It’s Great to Have a 13 Year Old

Why It’s Great to Have a 13 Year Old

I remember hearing from friends and family how dreadful the teenage years are for parents. While no kid is perfect, and no parent is either, I’m learning to enjoy some of the things that...
air fryer

Why I Love My Air Fryer

We have had our Philips XL Air Fryer for over three years now and love it more each year! I wasn't sure we would use it very often when we received it as a...