Katie Nyberg

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Wes, and we have two energetic elementary aged boys. We love to explore Des Moines, travel around the country, and do anything sports related together! I own my own birth & postpartum doula business, The Iowa Baby Lady, and love serving mothers in our area as they grow, birth, and mother their babies with confidence!
teenager and mom with laptop. parenting stages. Des Moines Mom

Stages of Parenting: A Look Back at Being a Mom to Different Ages

As a mom to a high schooler, I'm starting to feel a little of bit of a tug on my heart as I realize I don't have many years left with my kids at...
4th grade national park pass des moines moms blog

Every Kid Outdoors Pass Program for 4th Graders

Our family LOVES Rocky Mountain National Park and visits there often. We were especially excited to take advantage of the free annual pass program for fourth graders when our kids were that age which...
weekly planner with pen and coffee cup. Des Moines Mom

Sunday Night Prep Makes for an Easier Week

A few years ago, I started being intentional about Sunday night prep for the week. By preparing breakfasts, lunches, and writing out our week, I find that my mental load is lighter during our...
mom and son doing a craft. Des Moines Mom. Dating your kids

Ideas for Dating Your Kids

Do you date your kids? I really enjoy spending 1:1 time with my kids. We started this practice when my oldest son was three, and now that he's a teenager, we are still going...
two goldendoodles. Des Moines Mom

The Decision to Get a Second Puppy

Two years ago, our first dog died at the age of 12. He was a fantastic dog and we were all devastated when we had to say our goodbyes. I swore I wouldn't get...
mom and newborn. Birth story Des Moines Mom

Preserving Your Baby’s Birth Story

My oldest son's birthday is coming up and I'm feeling sentimental about his birth. It was 15 years ago and I've forgotten many of the details from the day we first met. It was...
Best YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels to Enjoy with Your Teen/Preteen

For a long time, I assumed YouTube was just a place for kids to watch unboxing videos or replay Baby Shark over and over. My thoughts on YouTube changed after I spent the night...
non-toy gift ideas

40 Non-Toy Gift Ideas and Experiences for Kids

It's usually around this time of year that people start sharing articles about gift ideas for kids--specifically toys. Bloggers start writing about minimalism, excess, accumulating stuff, spending, etc. So, do kids really like receiving experiences...

What to Expect from a Doula at Your Birth

Did you know… All studies done on doula support show favorable outcomes for both mothers and babies? No adverse side effects have ever been found!  Doulas help mothers AND babies? Mothers who use doulas...
sensitive child

Raising a Sensitive Child

“He just needs to toughen up.” “Big kids don’t cry.” Before I understood what it meant to be a sensitive child, I assumed my job as mom was to “toughen him up”. I would listen to...