Jody Halsted

Writer and photographer of captivating travel escapades, family foibles and objective critiques. Well, that's what it says on my business card.... It's difficult to sum up a work-at-home mom in so few words. I am a homeschooling mom to my two daughters, Brenna and Caelan, wife to a very hard working husband, Doug, freelance writer, social media educator, public speaker, and unrepentant travel junkie. I'm living the dream in Iowa, and dreaming of living in Ireland. Sharing Our Ireland travel tales at Ireland with Kids.

Giving the Gift of Experiences

I dread Christmas for a single reason. More. Stuff. It seems like my house is filled with stuff. And though quite a bit goes out the door as it breaks or is donated, it seems that...

The Illusion of “Doing It All”

It's likely we all know someone whom we consider "Super Mom." The woman who always seems to have it together, who appears to have incredibly well-mannered kids who, with a simple snap of her...

Kids Eat Free & Cheap in Des Moines

We all have those days (or weeks). Life is busy, Mom is tired, Dad is working late. Whatever the reason, there are times you just don't want to - or don't have time to...

From Entitlement to Earning for Kids

Kids are so much easier when they are young. Oh, I know many of you are reading this with one child on your lap tossing Cheerios at your computer screen while another is tugging at...

Scheels Kids Club – A Fun, Free Event for Kids

Does your family enjoy being active outdoors?  Or do you wish your kids had an interest in something other than video games and Barbie dolls?  Let me offer a suggestion- Scheel's Kids Club! A Fun,...

A Sweet Father’s Day Getaway to the Ice Cream Capital of the World

Few in our fair state realize the sweet treat that awaits us in the town of LeMars. In this unassuming town is a company that produces more ice cream in a year than any place...

Where Can You Go When You Don’t Have Any Debt (Giveaway)

I am asked- often- how my family is able to travel as much as we do.  While my job as a travel writer does open some doors, my family rarely takes trips that are...
Inside Class C RV

Camping for Every Family

Camping means different things to different families.  To some it is rustic wooded areas with no amenities.  To others it is a plush RV hooked to electricity and water.  Here in Iowa your camping...

Making Exercise Work for Busy Moms

When I was younger and single, time at the gym was a priority I never thought I’d lose.  With no one to answer to but myself- and maybe my dogs- I had the luxury...
Family RV Road Trip

RVing Will Change the Way You Road Trip

What is your most dreaded part of the family road trip? Is it the constant packing and unpacking when you change hotel rooms? Is it the incessant bickering of the kids as your drive? Or is it the never-ending...