Jody Halsted

Writer and photographer of captivating travel escapades, family foibles and objective critiques. Well, that's what it says on my business card.... It's difficult to sum up a work-at-home mom in so few words. I am a homeschooling mom to my two daughters, Brenna and Caelan, wife to a very hard working husband, Doug, freelance writer, social media educator, public speaker, and unrepentant travel junkie. I'm living the dream in Iowa, and dreaming of living in Ireland. Sharing Our Ireland travel tales at Ireland with Kids.
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How to Take a Midwest Getaway – Without a Car

My first-hand experience courtesy of I travel a lot. In fact, travel is my life – or at least my job. So you could say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve...
best marriage advice

The Best Marriage Advice I Can Give

I'm not gonna lie.... There are many times I take stock of my life and wonder, How did I get here? Because, looking at my rocky past, it is only by God's grace that I am...

A Pet of My Own – When Is Your Child Old Enough?

It all began just before Christmas, when I got my dog, Finley. She was a “free” dog, from a friend’s parents' farm. And we all know that “free” dogs aren’t really free, right? So… we...

The Art of Letting Go

My Brenna is nine (“Mom, I’m nine and a half!” she would tell you) and far too independent for my peace of mind. She has always been that way – eager to try new experiences, to...

When You Give a Kid a Camera

When you give a kid a camera, the world immediately becomes more interesting. When you give a kid a camera, toes are immediately the most photogenic part of the body. When you give a kid a...

Stitch Fix – Like Bringing a Personal Stylist Home

It’s Spring Fashion Week here at DMMB! Today, Jody brings this series "home" with her fabulous review of Stitch Fix! I used to love shopping for clothes. The hours spent hunting for the perfect outfit, visiting different...

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Des Moines

While St. Patrick's Day makes nary a blip on most calendars, it's my favorite holiday. I spend the week before planning, baking, and cooking a fabulous feast - in between driving my daughters across...

Teaching Kids the Value of Money + Kidsfest Family Event

Money, like time, is fluid for kids. They know it exists but it really doesn't affect them. Mom or Dad will always make sure they have what they need - and often what they...

Prelude to St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Hooley

Did you know that you can see Irish Dancers in Des Moines - without paying the high cost of seats for Riverdance or waiting for St. Patrick's Day? The Hooley is our kick-off to the...

EnVISIONing Your Goals

I don't know about you, but a new year always fills me with hope, making me believe anything is possible. So I, like millions of others, have made New Year's resolutions in the past. Which...