Jodi Peterson

Hi, I am Jodi married for 12 years and mom of two spunky boys. I am an Iowa native. I love encouraging moms and talking about real mom issues. I am blessed to stay at home and play legos all day with my boys. Our family bleeds Black and Gold...GO HAWKS!

Sports and Young Children: Are Parents Pushing Too Hard Too Early?

This is something I have thought a lot about and then thought some more - had many conversations with friends, family, and my husband. Fellow contributor Katie Cox wrote a post about it on her...

My 5 Favorite Kitchen Items

I love to cook and bake. My kitchen is my home. We rarely eat out, so that means I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Over the 14 years we have been...

Books on Raising Boys

It’s Boymom Week on the blog, and our super-heroic moms of all boys are talking all things BOY! Click here to read other posts in this special series brought to you by DMMB's boymoms. I don't think there is...

Favorite Local Places for a Cup of Coffee

This winter has been never-ending, right?! A good cup of coffee can make any bitter cold day better. I asked around, and here are a few favorite local places to get a great cup...

Children’s CDs We Love

Looking for some help to pass the time while driving in the car? Do you have a long road trip planned for the holidays? Last summer my friend with two boys kept telling me about...

A Mom’s Guide to Holiday Events in Des Moines and Ames

I love this time of year. Yep, I was jumping up and down last week when we had snow flurries, and you better believe the boys and I played outside (though we didn't last...

Our Continuing Journey to Foster Parenting

Last month I shared about whether we are done having children and about the surprise that wasn't meant to be.... I mentioned that we were considering growing our family though adoption or becoming foster parents. After...

My Favorite Board Games for Kids

I LOVE playing games, and I think I might be a bit addicted to buying games that I can play with my boys. Games can be a great tool for learning, and they make...

5 Must-Have Sleep Helps for Children

As we were packing up to head out of town for a vacation I was reflecting on those items we can't sleep without. A couple are things we used for the boys when they...

How to Make Homemade Guacamole

Need a fun, fresh, end-of-summer treat? I have a quick and flavorful guacamole recipe for you! I never thought I liked guacamole until my wonderful sister-in-law made this recipe for me. I was hooked....