Jessie Todd

Jessie Todd
Jessie is a talkative storyteller who enjoys making new friends. She is married to a Colorado native and together they have four beautiful children: Leela, Cora, Lincoln, and Theodore. Her oldest son is a pediatric-cancer survivor and caring for him has earned her the title of momcologist. A teacher by trade, Jessie loves to collaborate with others. In her free time Jessie enjoys movies and popcorn with her family, browsing the aisles at Target, and trying to find an excuse to eat out.

You Are the Teacher Your Child Needs Right Now, I Promise!

I miss my kids' teachers. A few days ago I had to take my children to their respective schools to pick up their personal belongings because school is closed for the rest of the year....

Because This is my First Pandemic

Because this is my first pandemic, I’m not sure I’m doing everything right.  I failed miserably trying to get my kids to make stained glass mosaics using sidewalk chalk and blue painters tape, a social-distancing,...

How to Plan a Virtual Event

Early last week, I knew I was going to have to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day party I had been planning with a few of my close friends and their children. I knew this...

Dinner Confessions from a Mom who Hates to Cook

Sometimes we eat popcorn for dinner. With M&M’s if we’re feeling fancy.   Sometimes we eat Totino's Party Pizzas for dinner. Occasionally I bake chicken nuggets on the same pan and I feel pretty productive.   Other times...

5 Reasons to Skip Disney With the Entire Family

My family and I love all things Disney. We love the movies, we love the characters, we love Disney Plus, and we love the parks.   When our oldest son was sick, we took a much-needed...

Cleaning Tips from a Reformed Mess Maker

A few weeks ago my husband and I were picking up the house after the kids had gone to bed. As he was finishing up he noted, “we’ve really been keeping the house a...

5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Holiday Season

Let’s be honest moms, we pretty much do it all this time of the year, don’t we? I know every family does what works best for them in terms of holiday task distribution, but I...
teen driving

I’m Not Ready for my Daughter to Start Driving

I’m not ready for my daughter to start driving.  There, I said it. I’ve been thinking about it for the better part of a year. I’ve been thinking about it since she turned fourteen last...
mom life

Sorry Moms, It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Earlier this month I was on top of the world. I had recommitted to an early morning exercise routine, started a new Bible study, agreed to volunteer my time at both the nursery and...

How to Support a Mother whose Child has Cancer

It’s that time again. It’s September. I used to get excited for fall weather, cozy sweaters, and a long weekend with family. Now the month means something completely different to me and to so...