Jessie Todd

Jessie is a talkative storyteller who enjoys making new friends. She is married to a Colorado native and together they have four beautiful children: Leela, Cora, Lincoln, and Theodore. Her oldest son is a pediatric-cancer survivor and caring for him has earned her the title of momcologist. A teacher by trade, Jessie loves to collaborate with others. In her free time Jessie enjoys movies and popcorn with her family, browsing the aisles at Target, and trying to find an excuse to eat out.

A Tale of Two Photos

It’s not every day I get ready in the morning and think, “I look good.” It may be more accurate to say this never happens.  A few days ago I got ready using some new...
done with diapers

I’m Done with Diapers…Now What?

I have been alive for 43 years. For the better part of 16 of those years, I have been diapering one or more of my children.   My youngest will be four soon and while he...
may day

May Day: A Midwest Tradition

I grew up in a tiny town in Southeast Nebraska. It wasn’t even big enough to have a stoplight, but what we lacked in size, we made up for in community. Our town was...

Adventures in Aging: My First Colonoscopy

As if this year hasn’t been crappy enough, I decided to get my first colonoscopy - seven years before the recommended screening age.  Why though?  My mother had some troubling results with her last colonoscopy and...

If You Give a Tween a Phone

If you give a tween a phone, she’ll eagerly agree to your pre-determined parental first.   When you enforce the bedtime restriction, she’ll beg for “a few more minutes” before surrendering her phone for the...

What to Expect When Donating Blood

A lot of things have changed in our world over the last year, but the need for blood donors has remained the same. Whether we are living through unprecedented times or just trying to...

I’m Done with Diets

I’ve never been particularly good at making or keeping New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I’m making one that I’m almost positive I’ll be able to keep.   I’m not going to diet anymore.   I’ve been on...

Make Young Friends but Keep the Old

“I graduated in 2010.” From high school? I shriek as I remember how proud I was of my good fortune in managing to complete my undergraduate program in the year 2000.   It’s happening more and...
Festival of Trees and Lights Des Moines

Why I Never Miss Festival of Trees and Lights + a Giveaway

Blank Children's Hospital's Festival of Trees and Lights will always hold a special place in my family's heart. A few days ago my youngest daughter turned eleven. Thanks to the memories feature on Facebook,...

Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

Find a great water bottle. Buy a few and keep one in your car at all times. The long-term benefits of hydration are scientifically sound whereas the rest of my advice comes only from...