Jenni lives in Urbandale with her amazing husband, two girls, two dogs who think they are children, and a feisty cat. She is the creator of The Gingered Whisk, a recipe blog dedicated to finding easy, healthy-ish, and tasty weeknight meals that kids and adults alike will love. She is super passionate about helping every member of a family learn to love great food. When not cooking, eating, or thinking about food, she is often hiking around area parks, creating intricate legos castles with her girls, watching nerdy tv with her husband, or curled up in a corner somewhere reading a good book.
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5 Easy Meals for When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Does this happen to anyone else? You make a meal plan, you shop for groceries, plan the week out as best as you can. You do everything right, but there are still evenings when...
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How to Cook With Your Kids

When it comes to cooking with your kids, sometimes it's easier said than done. I get it - when it's a special holiday or a "memory making moment", you totally make the time. But an...
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Easy Mommy and Me Lunches

Breakfast I can totally handle.  Meal planning for dinner is totally doable. But lunch? Lunch is where I struggle. I always seem to forget about planning for lunch, which then leaves me in a...
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We Love Urbandale: A Guide to Des Moines Area Neighborhoods

Urbandale is located in the central area of Des Moines, just slightly west of the city proper. Here's why it's a great place to raise a family.
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8 Tips for Raising Adventurous Eaters

Once upon a time (ok, this was last year) we invited one of my daughter’s preschool friends and her mother over for a lunch playdate. Everything was going swimmingly - the girls played perfectly,...
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Meet Jenni Ward, AKA The Gingered Whisk

Hello Mamas! I am so excited to become a part of this amazing and vibrant community of local moms! One thing I have learned during my 6 year mothering journey is how important it is to...