Jenny Lewis

Jenny is wife to a cookie-baking entrepreneur, Dereck (Thelma's) and mom to Marlo (August 2012) and Gwen (May 2015). She's also a daughter, sister, friend, and full-time attorney at a local insurance company. Jenny enjoys seeing movies with Dereck, baking with Marlo, cuddling little Gwen, gathering with family, and continuing the search for a hobby with a cost and time commitment equal to that of hunting (ha, I love you, honey!).
Favorite Things in 2017

7 of My Favorite Things of 2017

2017 was a good year of memories for our family of four. We took a trip to visit my brother, we spent quality time together, experienced growth at home and at work, and we're...
chatbooks family photos

Chatbooks: A Lazy Mom’s Guide to Documenting Childhood

Of the list of jobs that fall under "Mom," family historian is one of my least favorite (right after putting the laundry away). There's so much pressure to: Take the photos: Must be a proper photograph....
phone addict

Hi, My Name is Jenny and I’m Addicted to My Phone

I reached for my phone again and started scrolling through my Facebook feed, then Instagram, then Snapchat and forgot why I picked it up in the first place. Oh shoot! I was going to check...

5 Fall Recipes You Need to Try

The cool air is upon us and the leaves are changing before our eyes. Of all the seasons of food, fall is by far my favorite. While summer is fresh and light, fall is...

Back to School To Dos

Back-to-school time is one of my favorite times of year. I get nostalgic about the excitement I felt as a girl and even as a college student every fall. Fresh starts. New pens and...
lessons from dad

4 Things my Husband Accidentally Taught me About Parenthood

My husband and I are opposites in many ways: he is a morning person, I'm a night person; he makes decisions quickly without looking back, I over-analyze and then second guess my choice; he is...
mothers day encouragement Des Moines Moms Blog

An Ideal Mother’s Day (and a Thought for Our Everydays)

On my ideal Mother's Day... I wake up to a quiet house and head sleepily outside to breathe in the fresh spring air. It's a crisp morning, and I have the bike trail all to myself....
sticker chart for moms | Des Moines Moms Blog

A Sticker Chart for Moms

I recently made my 4 1/2 year old a sticker chart for morning and bedtime. The sticker charts were my cry for help after riding the proverbial struggle bus at the beginning and end of...

My Spring Wish List: Home and Fashion Finds

This winter has been a long 5 months of wanting to give everything in my house away and start over. Maybe it's my subconscious longing for springtime newness? Maybe there's too much time to read about capsule wardrobes and...
Truth About Being a Perfect Mom

The Truth About Being the Perfect Mom

When I became a mom, I looked at my sweet baby girl and saw all of her goodness. I saw the miracle she was. In her first pictures at six weeks gestation she smiled...