Haylie Steffensmeier

Born and raised in Central Iowa, I feel so lucky to still call Des Moines my home. As a full-time working mom of two girls, wife, and lover of the many events Des Moines hosts, our weekends are never empty. While it's easy to get caught up in our day to day routine and social calendar, I appreciate a laid-back night of sweats, great company, and good wine most. I am so grateful that my life has been filled with amazing memories, but my short, humbling journey of motherhood has by far been my greatest adventure.
middle school transition

Ideas to Ease the Tricky Back to Middle School Transition

I see you, first day of school. Looming in the second half of August, just hanging out. Waiting to be recognized by teachers, parents, and students. Some might have had this date circled since...
Tips for going to beach with kids

Tips for Going to the Beach with Kids

Hooray! Summer vacation is here! For about a year, I've been counting down the months (now days, whoo!) to travel to our family's favorite beach- Topsail Island, North Carolina. This year is sure to be...
tips for gardening with kids and toddlers

Summer Gardening With Kids

After a never-ending winter, the first sign of green and sun brought some much needed outdoor time in our house. Wagon rides, parks, trampoline jumping, and our oldest braving the swing set on her...
Going to the Emergency Room with Kids: What to expect in the ER

What to Expect When You Go to the ER

Hospitals, doctors, insurance, and all things medical are far from my forte, and well outside my comfort level, but after two trips to Blank Children’s Hospital’s ER and a full day at the University...

Loving Your Kids Well With The 5 Love Languages

It’s the month of celebrating love and I LOVE, LOVE. I LOVE IT! As a kid, I vividly remember making Valentine boxes (shout out to my mom’s patience and creativity), practicing random acts of...
teaching kids empathy sometimes mom cries too

Sometimes Mom Cries Too: A Lesson in Empathy

My initial post for January was about decompressing after the holidays: What to look forward to now? How do you get back into a routine? When do you start tearing down and storing? Can...
Haylie S family

Meet Haylie Steffensmeier

Hello Des Moines’ mamas! For starters, I am SO excited to be part of this group! I can’t wait to learn, love, and live this mommin’ path with you all. As a born and raised central...