Haley Phillips lives in Ankeny with her husband, Matthew and two living children, Hudson and Quinn. She loves spending time outside with her family and friends frequenting parks and trails. Reading and sipping coffee are her favorite pastimes. She currently serves as co-founder and Client Manager of The Fletcher Foundation which exists to help families emotionally and financially after miscarriage or stillbirth. You can find more information at thefletcherfoundation.org.

Makeover Your Family Budget

In 2017, I stepped away from a pretty high paying job for the age of 26. Leaving that income meant selling our house and living what you would say minimally. But it was what...
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What to Watch on Netflix Right Now

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Guide to Summer Fun in Des Moines for 2020

We Love summer in Des Moines! We've got you covered from pools, outdoor movies, and farmers markets to berry picking, road races, and parades. 
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Des Moines Summer Camps

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Keeping Your Marriage Strong Through Hard Times

  As we finish our first month of social distancing I have asked myself many times, to quote The Office, “Why are you the way that you are?” to my spouse. As I’m sure he...
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Spring Break Camps and Activities Guide in Des Moines

Staying in Des Moines for Spring Break? Des Moines has plenty of options to help your kids run off all that energy or for you to connect as a family.