Haley Phillips lives in Ankeny with her husband, Matthew and two living children, Hudson and Quinn. She loves spending time outside with her family and friends frequenting parks and trails. Reading and sipping coffee are her favorite pastimes. She currently serves as co-founder and Client Manager of The Fletcher Foundation which exists to help families emotionally and financially after miscarriage or stillbirth. You can find more information at thefletcherfoundation.org.
ikea tips

Tips for Going to IKEA

My family and I headed out for a quick trip to Kansas City before school starts and we had to hit up Ikea while we were there. We LOVE navigating all the displays and...
raising grateful kids

Raising Grateful Kids

"Mom, I don't like this."  "This isn't the snack I picked out." "Are you kidding me?" We have all heard comments like this by our kids about food, activities, chores - the list goes on. My son, just...
family time

Easy Ways to Create Intentional Moments for your Family

As a family of four, we love getting to take and plan parties and trips. I am a planner by nature and love creating fun things for our family to do.  Take a Trip Every month...
clean living

My Favorite Products for Clean Living

I started seeing a chiropractor/natural health doctor in the fall of 2020. She set me up with supplements and ultimately my goal was to get my body cleansed of so many elements that over...

How Do You Know When Your Family is Complete?

I hear most women being very definitive about "our family is complete" or "we can't wait to have more."  I didn't say either after our daughter was born. How do you decide? I can say...
bunny wreath

Easy DIY Bunny Wreath

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner!  I love when I can make something from things I have at home with my kids. This is a super easy (and cheap) bunny wreath...

Boho Nursery Makeover

We moved into a new house in July. Our home has a more modern boho minimalist feel. That being said - our nursey was not. Our nursey started off as a hodgepodge of pink here...

Makeover Your Family Budget

In 2017, I stepped away from a pretty high paying job for the age of 26. Leaving that income meant selling our house and living what you would say minimally. But it was what...
best of netflix

What to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Finding a good series to get into is sometimes a good escape. Especially in 2020- right?! My husband and I don’t mind spending a few hours each week finding something new to watch after...

Guide to Summer Fun in Des Moines for 2020

We Love summer in Des Moines! We've got you covered from pools, outdoor movies, and farmers markets to berry picking, road races, and parades.