Erika Stevenson

Erika Stevenson grew up in San Antonio, Texas but has made her home in Des Moines for 15 years. She and her husband, Darin have been married for 14 years and live in a turn-of-the-century home in the heart of Des Moines where they raise Lucy (10), Collin (9) and Nora (4). Erika first became a mom to Lucy in an open domestic adoption and eventually gave birth to Collin and Nora. When she's not busy with home-school lessons, laundry and meal-planning, she loves to sew, knit, and read.

It’s Time For an Expression of Care

Five years ago, my family experienced a sudden, life-altering event. I was not afforded much time to process the trauma I was experiencing. I had to keep going and show up where I was...

5 Tips for Schooling at Home from a Homeschool Mom

Since all local schools, have been closed until mid-April (or later) many of you are scrambling to take up the temporary role of "homeschool teacher". Have you seen the funny memes on social media about...
Valentine tradition

Cafe Ezra: A Family Valentine’s Day Tradition

Our family runs a restaurant. Mind you, we are only open one night per year, and can only accommodate one table per night. We're highly exclusive.  We admit guests on an invitation-only basis, and we haven't...

Why I Love Audiobooks + 17 Recommendations

I love audiobooks.  In October 2017, a blogger I follow shared on Facebook about a sale was running. She mentioned that when you begin a membership, you not only get a free title as an...

Talking About Race: A White Mom’s Desire to Raise Racially Conscious Kids

I was sitting at my kitchen table, mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed. I noticed a post that had been shared by two of my mom friends, both of whom are women of color,...

Make Advent Simple and Meaningful

Moms tend to either love or hate the idea of keeping an Advent tradition.  I love it. But I see the dizzying amounts of products and ideas out there. I understand why many moms dread...
sex talk

The Sex Talk

Do you remember the first time you heard about sex? I was a wide-eyed eight-year-old, playing at the home of my closest-playmate, "Beth". At one point her older sister, "Sarah" joined us. Eager to prove...
new mom

To the New Moms in My Life

  The first heavy snowfall of 2019 started on a Friday evening and accumulated throughout the night and well into Saturday morning. Knowing many folks would be staying cozy at home, my husband, kids and I...

Encouragement for the Disorganized Mom

I will be the first to admit that I am a disorganized mom. Recently I told a friend that I have been trying to "get my ducks in a group."  I've abandoned the idea of ever...
jomo over fomo

The Joy of Missing Out

It was a quiet afternoon in late August 2015. In my desire to stay connected with my community back home in Des Moines, I scrolled through my Instagram and Facebook feeds like my life...