Erica Douglas

Erica is the mother of four energetic, curious and oh-so-loveable children. She and her husband, Tony love sports and a friendly competition, especially if the Cyclones win. Before staying home with her babies, Erica taught fourth grade. Currently, Erica coaches for the Waukee High School girl's track team, and is the author of the blog PreachTeach.
thank you nurse

Dear Nurse Katie

Dear Nurse Katie, I owe you a thank you. A big thank you. Actually, two very big thank yous. The first thank you is for my Marcus. He's six now. Yes, SIX! I remember a lot...

Verti-GO: The Area’s Top Youth Performance Program

This post is Sponsored by Verti-Go in Windsor Heights -  The area's top youth performance program Where can I send my child to get a workout? To work on sport specific skills? To gain speed...
Motherhood - The Work That No One Sees | Des Moines Moms Blog

Motherhood – The Work That No One Sees

I had a fight with my shoes. Well, not my shoes. None of the shoes I threw against the wall atop the bench with three large magenta baskets labeled SHOES belonged to me. Flip flops,...
Why Moms Love Podcasts

4 Reasons Any Mom Will Love Podcasts

My husband recently introduced me to podcasts. It makes me giggle a little to admit that I enjoy them, because it is basically talk radio. As a kid, I would get so annoyed when...
30 Things I've Learned Since College | Des Moines Moms Blog

30 Things I’ve Learned Since College

I opened an email from The Iowa State Foundation and read, “Congratulations! You graduated from college 10 years ago!” I choked on my lemon infused water. When I was in college, I… met my husband....
I Didn't Want a Girl | Des Moines Moms Blog

I Didn’t Want a Girl

This post is part 1 of 7 in the series Sugar and Spice & Everything Daughters. I had muddy feet, constantly. I chased rabbits and danced around in the gutter. Sitting still, sipping tea, and...
Easy STEM Activities to Do at Home | Des Moines Moms Blog

Easy STEM Activities to Do at Home

Last month, I had the opportunity to go on Great Morning on KCWI and share some easy STEM activities to do at home with your kids. I've since had many people ask me for...
4 Reasons to watch Fuller House

4 Reasons You Should Watch Fuller House (If You Haven’t Already)

Whatever happened to predictability? Oh, how I can sing that song by heart. As a child, Full House was a staple. My childhood friends, Lynse and Chelsey, and I would watch, reenact, discuss who was the...
How to Say No to Your Kids | Des Moines Moms Blog

How to Say No to Your Kids

Here's what happens when I say "No!" to my children: one cries, sulks, and hides. Another negotiates. The other turns into the Incredible Hulk. Smash! Crash! Punch! Saying "No!" in my house is exhausting! (And...
mom-guilt-des moines moms blog

I’m Done with This Mom Guilt

When I was a full-time working mom, I was guilty. Guilty of leaving the dishes in the sink. For multiple days. Guilty of yelling at my teeny-tiny children for losing their shoes, needing to pee,...