Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth’s crazy clan includes Elizabeth Rain (2007), Sophia (2011), Will (2017) and Evie Grace (2019) and husband, Mike. You will read posts ranging from co-parenting, being a stepmom and mom simultaneously to mental health in moms. Please reach out to Elizabeth with any questions or stories of your own as she loves to engage with other moms. By sharing stories and listening to other moms’ happys, crappys, and sappys we better ourselves. Growth comes from having a group of moms that challenge you and empower you to be a better version of yourself each day.
kids looking out a window. redshirting for kindergarten. Des Moines Mom

Why We Decided to Redshirt Our Son for Kindergarten

Am I choosing my son’s future path with this ONE choice? Redshirting for kindergarten. This question has been jumbled around in my brain since October. Trying to decide if we will redshirt my son for...
woman looking at clothes on hangers. Consigning tips. Des Moines Mom

Top 5 Consignment Tips

Who wants to get rid of all the children's clothes that don’t fit or have been sitting in a closet too long? Most moms have those piles of clothes we meant to get rid...
man and woman smiling on steps. Love Story. Des Moines Mom

Our Love Story: Elizabeth and Mike

  Who knew one click of a mouse could change the trajectory of your life? A late-night whim of courage turned into a marriage with 4 kids five and half years later. Follow along on...
mother and daughter with heads together. Communicating with tweens. Des Moines Mom

Communicating with Tweens: The Ups and Downs

“Hey Elizabeth, could you get me some tampons when you go to the store?” It was said in a whisper in the hallway by my stepdaughter who was mortified to have to ask. A...
couple walking in snow. Des Moines Mom

Holiday Date Calendar : Making Space for Your Spouse

“Are you planning all of these holiday dates for us?!” That was my husband thinking I was actually making a holiday date calendar for us. Unfortunately for him I was designing the calendar for...
boo your neighbor

How to “Boo” Your Neighbor

Little feet run up the driveway, drop a basket on the porch, and RUN!! They sprint away from the house, hoping not to be seen by the neighbors. Here's how to boo your neighbor...

Busyness : The Battle Moms Face

4 kiddos at 4 different schools plus extracurriculars. Cue the caffeine, podcasts to listen to in the car, and countless nights of dinner “on the go”. When you are planning your pee breaks every...
school and step-parenting

Navigating School and Step-Parenting

Football games and Friday nights are right around the corner for many incoming freshmen as they begin their high school journey. When you are in a blended family and navigating step-parenting during school things...

Tonsillectomy Recovery: Toddler Edition

Tears. Pain Meds. Popsicles. Applesauce. Quiet Activities. All of these are things to expect with a tonsillectomy. Especially when it involves a toddler. Two weeks of tears and a lot of mom guilt as...
parks in Ames

Our Favorite Parks in Ames

  This summer we embarked on a parks challenge to discover our favorite parks in Ames. Challenges included zipping down a slide, swinging from the monkey bars, or pumping your legs on a swing. All...