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4 Steps to Enjoy Food and Respect Your Body

If you were born with a uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, this post is for you. As women, we live in a weight-obsessed culture. This is evidenced through the conversations we hear at work,...

10 Ways to Save for an Adoption

When my husband and I first talked about adopting in 2014, the financial obligation made us stop in our tracks.  We literally shelved the idea for another 4 years before reconvening and saying yes....

Becoming a Mom of Triplets During a Pandemic

I am a first-time mama and I have triplets—two girls and one boy. Raising my triplets during a pandemic, racial unrest, and the 2020 Presidential election has been challenging!  I gave birth via cesarean on...
raising black children

Raising Black Children in Iowa

As a child growing up on the East side of Des Moines, I was surrounded by family and friends who looked like me, talked like me, and were truly able to relate to me....
pregnant during a pandemic

Pregnant During a Pandemic

After years of infertility, welcoming our first son through adoption, and our second by IVF, the last thing I expected last December was a positive pregnancy test. After zero medical interventions. We were shocked...

Raising Racially Educated Children in a Biracial Household 

We just exited Immigration and Customs in Matamoros, Mexico, on the latter half of our family road trip. We were returning home to Iowa after visiting my husband’s mother on the border in Mexico....
foster care

Foster Care Questions and Answers

My name is Katie Evans. I was a past writer for DMM, so this blog is near and dear to my heart. At the time I was a young mom trying to survive/thrive during...

Grit and Grace: Our Journey with Type 1 Diabetes

On April 9, 2017, our lives were turned upside down. Our daughter, Kai, had just turned two on March 19. For about a week prior to April 9, she was slamming sippy cups of...
military family

Deployment: A Year Without Our Soldier

My husband, Andre, deployed for a year at the beginning of July, and we just passed the 4-month mark. It’s funny how time has a way of standing still and racing by all at...
Infant loss

Honoring Hudson- A Story of Love, Loss, and Hope

“Not fit for life,” the doctor said. “You won’t make it past three months.” Hearing these words come out of the specialist’s mouth was the last thing we expected to hear. We were 14 and half...