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How I Taught My Son About Money

My 12-year-old son did not know how to save money. He just didn’t get the concept. The minute he had a $5 bill in his hand, he was asking to buy candy in the...
veterans day

The Story of One Mom’s Military Service

Growing up, my father was an active duty Air Force pilot. My family moved every 2 to 3 years and it was a grand adventure. I loved to visit my dad at work and learn...

Our ADHD Story

October is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) awareness month. While individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD have it for their entire life, the characteristics and traits of ADHD can change over time. As an...

Living with Loss: Infant Loss Awareness

The words ring in my ears “your baby has no heartbeat.” My mind raced as I shook with tears. What went wrong? Why was this happening? The technician got up to leave and I...
mommy burnout

Mommy Burnout

Mommy Burnout. It’s a term casually tossed around at playdates. Every other meme on Instagram alludes to it. We even joke about it in passing - because sometimes as moms, we laugh to keep...
postpartum depression

Navigating Postpartum Depression

My battle with mental health issues began before I got pregnant for the first time. I have been treated for depression and anxiety in the past. I went into each of my postpartum periods...
breath prayer

Being a Mom Is Hard: 5 Quick Breath Prayers

Spoiler alert: Moms are tired. Parenthood can be exhausting in normal times—let alone the past year and a half. We’re spinning a thousand plates and our arms are tired. We’re scheduling dentist appointments and...

My Son’s Struggles with Dyslexia, A Mother’s Journey

I remember taking my bright son, who loved to build with all things Legos, to preschool.  Every day, when we got to school, he would have to find a little hand with his name...
it's hard

It’s all hard, Mama

Someone close to me had her first baby a few weeks after I had my third (under 3). It occurred to me that at one point in my mama journey I would have thought:...
camping with kids

5 Reasons I Love Camping with Kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories take place in a campground. If asked what I loved most about it as a kid, I’d excitedly exclaim, ALL OF IT! If you don't think you can...