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camping with kids

5 Reasons I Love Camping with Kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories take place in a campground. If asked what I loved most about it as a kid, I’d excitedly exclaim, ALL OF IT! If you don't think you can...

My Daughter Nonfatally Drowned Surrounded by Adults

On Sunday June 11, we went to our neighborhood pool with several of our neighbors and their kids. The adults stood at the edge of the shallow end and talked while the kids played. After...
family portraits

The Art of Family Portraits with Lav & Lime Studio

“I believe everyone is a beautiful individual full of life-defining stories, even our littlest clients.” Hi friends, my name is Anj Olson. I’m the photographer at Lav & Lime Studio; a fine art studio specializing...
count the kicks des moines moms blog

Count the Kicks and Help Save 7,500 Babies

Five Des Moines women are on a mission to save 7,500 babies a year in the U.S. It sounds out of reach, doesn't it? Saving 7,500 babies a year is possible. I know because counting...

Virtual School: One Year Later

Early on in our journey with virtual learning, whenever my daughter said she missed “regular school,” it broke my heart. Then, she stopped saying it. That somehow hurt more. I worried she had forgotten...
breast cancer

Surviving Breast Cancer During a Pandemic

You have cancer. These are three words no one wants to hear. I heard them on Thursday, March 26, 2020, right before I was supposed to log on to a Zoom call. I was a healthy,...
male infertility

Male Infertility: A Fertile Wife’s Greatest Fear

When I was approached to write a blog post for Des Moines Mom, I was…perplexed. What could I (a wannabe mom) possibly have to say to a community full of real-life mothers? A community...
black history

What Black History Month Means to Me

To me, Black history month is a month of recognizing and remembering important activist, advocates, inventors, change-makers, and warriors who stood up for justice, human rights, equality, fairness, desegregation, and freedom for African Americans. My...

Our Journey with PANDAS

I always bragged about my daughter, my third child, being my “angel baby”.  Marin was the easiest and most content. She rarely cried and never threw a fit; she rolled with the punches, ate...

One Family’s Unschooling Journey

A year ago I would never have imagined I’d be unschooling my three children. I was content with the public school system and the accredited preschool my children attended. I was looking forward to...