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Safer Swimmers

For a Safer Summer, Swimmers Start Now!

Despite the fact that Des Moines winters are filled with snowy days and frigid temperatures, families shouldn’t put their swimsuits and goggles away! A Head Start on Safer Swimming The swim and water safety experts at...
Nurse giving boy a bandaid. COVID-19 vaccine. Des Moines Mom

We CAN Do This: Facts for Parents on COVID-19 Vaccines

A year ago, I vividly remember longing to send my kids to school and not just because it was the end of a long winter break. We were stuck at home for what felt...
Healthy Flu and Cold

Keep Your Kids Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Winter weather means that snow, holidays, and the common cold season are in full swing. Most winter illnesses are caused by viruses -- including RSV, influenza, and yes... COVID-19. While most cases of winter...
Jester Park Activities

Stay Active Over the Holidays at Jester Park

Stay active over the holidays and head over to the Jester Park Outdoor Recreation and Wellness Center, adjacent to the Jester Park Nature Center! Escape from the cold and choose from a handful of activities,...
Pregnancy Covid

COVID-19 Vaccinations While Pregnant and Breastfeeding

Women who are pregnant are currently one of the lowest populations protected from COVID-19. Only 20-25% of pregnant women are currently vaccinated, far less than the rest of the adult population. Here are some...
Pregnancy Postpartum

Des Moines Area Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

ALL the resources needed for a successful pregnancy and postpartum period in the Des Moines area.

Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Are you working on holiday shopping? Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the flashy toys for babies and toddlers that all claim to be good for development. If you still have gifts to buy...
Girl in dentist chair. Pediatric Dentist Guide, Des Moines Mom

Des Moines Pediatric Dentist Guide

The Des Moines Pediatric Dentist Guide is here to help you find the best dentist for your child. All local pediatric dentists compiled in one place.
Postpartum Depression

Important Facts about Postpartum Depression

What new mothers or pregnant women should know about postpartum depression. Pregnancy and the birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, celebrated by family and friends. But for 1 in every 10 women in...
holiday catering. table set with roast turkey and cranberries. Des Moines Mom

Holiday Catering in Des Moines

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of prepping, cooking, doing dishes, more cooking, and more dishes. Or not! Why not cater Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? There are many tasty options around the Des Moines metro...