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Iowa Cubs

The Iowa Cubs: What to Expect for 2021

As the sun starts shining brighter and the grass begins to look greener than ever, it becomes time to start thinking summer. And with that it is time to start thinking Iowa Cubs baseball. It...
substance abuse

Substance Abuse: Mental Health + Motherhood

Des Moines Mom wants to create a safe space for ongoing conversations about mental health. That is why we created this series, Mental Health and Motherhood. In this monthly series, we're going to be talking...
car seat safety

Car Seat Safety Tips

Expert Tips for Installing your Car Seat  You’ve survived nine months of pregnancy, delivery, those first few diaper changes, and feedings! The hard part is over, right? Now all that’s left is to figure out...

Custom Legal Services from The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC

Getting a divorce, writing your will, or going through the adoption process are all huge life events that require legal services. The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC is there to help you turn...
urgent care

When is the right time to go to Urgent Care versus the Emergency Room?

Urgent care clinics can treat a plethora of symptoms and ailments and are a great option for non-emergent things that you wouldn't go to the Emergency Room
Gardening Benefits

4 Benefits of Gardening and Planting

Creating your own garden or growing a container garden can be a relaxing escape from the business of everyday life. Whether you have a backyard vegetable garden, porch or patio containers, or enjoy flower...
feeding your child

Feeding Your Child: What, When, and Why

New parents stress about lots of things, including how to feed their baby. From breastmilk and formula to baby food basics, Blank Children’s Hospital has got you covered! Breastfeeding and Pumping Many new moms choose to...

Period Pain? It Might Be Endometriosis

Let’s learn about endometriosis, a disorder which affects 1 in 10 women (about 200 million women worldwide) according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a disorder where tissue...

Is it Perimenopause or Am I Going Crazy?!

  Perimenopause is the time during which a woman’s body transitions to menopause. Women experiencing perimenopause, or “around menopause,” often show one or more related menopause symptoms. Symptoms and signs of menopause often start in...

15 of Our Favorite Des Moines Coffee Shops

Coffee! Loved by many, an absolute necessity for some. Des Moines is home to countless fantastic, locally-owned coffee shops. From shops using house-roasted coffee to those sourcing from a local roastery, a perfect cup...