Christine Meggison

Christine Meggison is a speaker, an author and host of the Straight From the Heart(land) podcast. She lives in Grimes, is married to husband Michael, and is the "World's Okay-est Mom" to three kids. In her free time, she likes reading fiction, coffee dates with friends, binge-watching tv, and naps. Connect with Christine at

Tips for Hosting a Friendsgiving

I love Thanksgiving. The heart of the holiday is gratitude and it contains ALL the family and yummy food without any of the gift-buying stress. Fall-lelujah! And while I enjoy the connection I have with...
family holiday movies

Family-Friendly Holiday Movies

When the weather outside is frightful, a movie sounds so delightful! From animated to comedy to classic, check this list twice for our top, family-friendly holiday movies. And when it's mom's turn to choose...

Choosing Thankfulness….Even In A Pandemic

With a new year in sight, most of us are simply counting down the days until 2020 is OVER, am I right?!? Forget about the holidays and who cares about finishing strong, if we...
social media

Why I Came Back To Social Media

In March of 2019, I walked away from all social media. No more Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The reasons were varied and I wrote about them HERE, but essentially, I decided to invest in...

Should My Son Play Football?

I’ve always been a big football fan. I was a statistician for my high school team. My dad played college football and spent nearly 35 years as a football referee. I know the game...
pumpkin spice

Do You Need A Pumpkin Spice Intervention?

PSL. It sounds like a health condition. Or the newest offering from my cable company. But, to millions of addicts fans around the world, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL, as it’s called by devotees) ushers...

Repeating To Self: Different Is Okay

I am guilty of seeing the world as right or wrong. Sour Mike & Ikes: right. Black jelly beans: wrong. Milk with cookies: right. Milk with pizza: wrong. Replacing the toilet paper roll: right. Setting a new...
me time

5 Ways to Find Me Time in a Stay-At-Home World

I was in Month Two of quarantine when I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t remember the last time I was alone.” I thought really hard about it and it had been weeks. There...
summer moms

6 Types of Summer Moms

  I never used to like summer. It’s too hot and definitely too humid for my taste. Plus, I’ve always been partial to sweaters, jeans, and boots, none of which really fly in the summer...
sleep battles

Teenage Sleep Battles

I remember once when my husband was putting our youngest, who was age two at the time, down for a nap and he was whining (the kid, not the husband) about not wanting to...