Christine Meggison

Christine Meggison is a speaker, an author and host of the Straight From the Heart(land) podcast. She lives in Grimes, is married to husband Michael, and is the "World's Okay-est Mom" to three kids. In her free time, she likes reading fiction, coffee dates with friends, binge-watching tv, and naps. Connect with Christine at
me time

5 Ways to Find Me Time in a Stay-At-Home World

I was in Month Two of quarantine when I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t remember the last time I was alone.” I thought really hard about it and it had been weeks. There...
sleep battles

Teenage Sleep Battles

I remember once when my husband was putting our youngest, who was age two at the time, down for a nap and he was whining (the kid, not the husband) about not wanting to...

My Evolution As A COVID-19 Mom

My approach to the COVID-19 situation has shifted dramatically since we embarked on this journey back in March. I started out uninformed and lackadaisical. But with each news report, governor’s press conference, and scientific...
ncaa tournament

Why I Love NCAA Tournament Season

It's my favorite time of year: Basketball Tournament Season. As a college basketball fan, there’s nothing better than watching 32 games in the first 48 hours of the NCAA tournament. And now that my kids...

Can We Talk About Mom Guilt?

Can we please have a conversation about #MomGuilt? Because in my experience, Mom Guilt is not a small thing. It's a WHOLE THING! Just last week I had a friend ask me to please pray...

How Rediscovering My Love For Reading Made Me A Better Mom

I set out to read 52 books in 2019. My goal was to average one book per week. My hope was to give myself much needed self-care by getting lost in another world, flipping...
family holiday movies

Family-Friendly Holiday Movies

When the weather outside is frightful, a movie sounds so delightful! From animated to comedy to classic, check this list twice for our top, family-friendly holiday movies. And when it's mom's turn to choose...
soul minimalism

Soul Minimalism: Decluttering Your Mind

Decluttering is all the rage these days as people embrace minimalism in their homes, schedules, and lives. Among others, Marie Kondo inspires us to say thank you and goodbye to clutter, leaving only the...
kid injuries

Sports Injuries and Kids

In the past two months, our family has been seriously injury-prone. My oldest son broke his collarbone riding a skateboard; my youngest son sprained his wrist playing soccer; and my daughter twisted her knee running...
kids sports

Sports Parents: Are You Being A Good Fan?

Are your kids in sports? Chances are, the answer is yes. As a parent, are you a good fan? Sadly, many parents and adults, are NOT good fans.  Recently, the Iowa State High School Athletic...