Caeli Esser

Caeli wants to live in a world where people (especially women) LOVE their bodies, love moving them and love feeling strong. When she’s not “encouraging” her clients through innovative workouts (she promises us she only yells because she cares), she’s probably doing something which creates a giant mess with her kids (the bigger the mess, the bigger the fun)! She’s a self-proclaimed “crunchy mama,” and has tried everything from making her own sunscreen to laundry detergent. As a mom, she strives to believe she can handle the blessing of three kids in 20 months! Her son, Torin (Jan, 2013) and fraternal twin girls (Aurora & Freyja, Sept. 2014) are the absolute loves of her life (along with husband, and father-of-the-year Thor). Two cats (one almost completely blind) and seven urban chickens round out her joyful family. Caeli is the owner of ClubFit, which brings fun fresh fitness to Des Moines. She works with people at all stages in life from young professionals, brides, pregnancy, post pregnancy and everything in between. In addition, she teaches classes for kids and families, as well as doing special events like birthday parties! While her website is being redesigned, connect with her on facebook at
Summer Healthy Eating Tips

Summer Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Tips

Summer is here and it is the PERFECT time to establish some new healthy eating habits (or get back to your old ones). I want you to have your healthiest, most energy-packed summer EVER,...

Stop Stress Eating and Start Losing Weight

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When You’re Really Ready to Lose Weight: 7 Tips to Drop Pounds

Let's be honest. January in the midwest is not the most amazing time. It's dark. Cold. We all have holiday hangovers from too much everything. But here's the thing -- it's actually a really,...

Weight Loss Tips for Moms (from a Mom of 3 under 3)

January is a great time to start thinking about moving yourself towards a lighter, healthier you. Maybe you had a few (or a dozen) too many Christmas cookies? Maybe in all the holiday insanity...
Twins: How to Prepare and Survive the First Year

Twins: How to Prepare and Survive the First Year

I spent the night of September 15 with tears streaming down my face. I was holding our last baby -- MY last baby -- on the eve of her first birthday. In addition to...
Love Your Abs (Again): Exercises for Your Core after Baby

Love Your Abs (Again): Exercises for Your Core after Baby

Dear Mama: You DID it! You successfully grew a new, wondrous, beautiful person. You brought them into the world, and truly, you are the only one who will ever understand how hard that was. Please...

Healthy Eating Tips for Back-to-School and Beyond

This post is part 4 of 5 in the Back-to-School 2015 series. The transition from summer to “back to school” can be hectic. In all the chaos it’s easy to let healthy eating slide, but...

Want to Lose Weight? Break Up with the Elliptical

Okay, so you want to lose your baby weight, right? Or your “winter weight,” or your “oh-my-gosh-where-did-this (insert bulge, bump, lump, area which is bigger, etc., here) weight.” So you vow to eat “healthier,”...