Brittney Rutherford

Brittney and her husband, Tyler, have been married for 10 years and live in Ames. Their two sons, Beckett (5) and Hudson (3), keep them on their toes with constant wrestling, dinosaur-related questions and daily inquiries as to when their next trip to get ice cream will be. Brittney works full time in marketing and communications. She likes to bike (the kind with pedals), visit family, hang out with friends, be in or on water - and always has good coffee and red wine on hand.
soup recipes

3 Easy Soup Recipes

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s nice to have a few go-to soup recipes you can set and forget. A slow cooker of easy soup is perfect for the days between...
guy gift ideas

11 Great Gift for Guys

Finding gifts for guys can be hard. With a husband, two sons, a dad, two brothers, two father-in-laws, uncles and even a great-grandpa-in law, I have a lot of guys in my life to...
christmas tree

Why We Always Get a Real Christmas Tree

If our family had a spirit animal, it would be Clark Griswold. Real trees – the kind you go to a tree farm and cut down -  have been part of Christmas for as...
real life

Real Life Parenting

Has the Instagram scroll ever made you feel like you don’t quite measure up? How does she look so good? Why is her house always clean? That dinner looks amazing. How is her kid...
2 kids

What I learned going from 1 to 2 kids

Are you taking the leap from one to 2 kids? You won’t regret it, but it might surprise you! Our boys are seven and four. We’re in a different stage of parenting that doesn’t involve...
Ames, Iowa

Family Fun in Ames

Ames, located just 45 minutes north of Des Moines, might not be the first place you think of when it comes to family fun. But, don't overlook it! We have some pretty awesome amenities...
ragbrai bike

RAGBRAI, Give It a Try!

“Fresh squeezed lemonade! Fresh squeezed lemonade!” I can vividly remember my seven-year-old self hollering those words on top of our neighbor’s barn as thousands of RAGBRAI riders rolled down old Highway 20. It was the...
work pantry working mom

How to Build a Work Pantry

You’re almost ready to leave for work when one kid tells you he wants home lunch and the other can’t find his backpack. Mornings like that usually leave you sitting at your desk with coffee...
swimsuit confidence

6 Ways to Have More Fun in Your Swimsuit

Swimsuit season is just around the corner! If that makes you cringe a little, you aren’t alone. An informal Instagram poll said 60% of my followers dread wearing a swimsuit. That stinks. Summer is...
bully boy alone outdoors

When Your Kid Faces a Bully

The “how was school” question usually gets a pretty standard response at our house. One day, was different. Sprinkled in between stories about P.E. and the lunch menu, my first-grade son told me he...