Brittney Rutherford

Brittney and her husband, Tyler, have been married for 10 years and live in Ames. Their two sons, Beckett (5) and Hudson (3), keep them on their toes with constant wrestling, dinosaur-related questions and daily inquiries as to when their next trip to get ice cream will be. Brittney works full time in marketing and communications. She likes to bike (the kind with pedals), visit family, hang out with friends, be in or on water - and always has good coffee and red wine on hand.
Fire on edge of lake

Explore Clear Lake this Fall

Is anyone else exhausted? Like you just need to stop and reset? I'm there. COVID-19 stinks. Working full-time and trying to figure out school for our elementary-age kids is really, really rough. I need to...

Backyard July 4 Celebration Ideas

My absolute favorite holiday is July 4.. The entire day is spent outside, the food is great, and the beer is cold. It’s also fun and relaxing – but, this year might look a...
home office

What I’ve Learned Working from Home

We’re like a lot of families. We both work outside the home. One kid is in school and one goes to daycare. We coach little league, hang out with friends, like date nights, and...
Boys in the woods

Our Extra “Curriculum”

My husband and I are working full time from home while our eight and five-year-old boys invent new ways to annoy each other. Learning their letters, checking in with their (amazing!) teachers and reading...
family time

Focusing on Faith and Family in Uncertain Times

The fast-moving events of the past several weeks involving coronavirus (COVID-19) have left us all shaken in one way or another. We’re leaning hard on faith and family (virtually, of course, with extended family). If...
love life after kids

Love Life After kids

How's your love life going? That's a weird question if you're married. You're knee-deep in laundry. It's 10 p.m. and you forgot your preschooler needs to take snacks tomorrow. Your second grader wants home lunch...

Advice from a boy mom: your kids are fine

I'm a boy mom. As someone who hates labels, I've finally accepted this one. All kids test your patience. Boys seem to do it ways that are loud and involve jumping off furniture. They don't have...
soup recipes

3 Easy Soup Recipes

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s nice to have a few go-to soup recipes you can set and forget. A slow cooker of easy soup is perfect for the days between...
guy gift ideas

11 Great Gift for Guys

Finding gifts for guys can be hard. With a husband, two sons, a dad, two brothers, two father-in-laws, uncles and even a great-grandpa-in law, I have a lot of guys in my life to...
Christmas tree farm

Christmas Tree Farms Near Des Moines

Nothing compares to having a real Christmas tree. Your house smells amazing and picking it out is half the fun! Start a family tradition and get a real Christmas tree in Des Moines this...