Betsy Hemesath

Betsy is a stay at home mom to two handsome, energetic boys and a sweet baby girl. Most days are spent chasing after little boys, reading books, and playing superheroes, but she loves spending any extra time she can painting, cooking, writing, listening to music or audiobooks, or being outside. After years of infertility and now as a mom through both adoption and IVF, Betsy loves connecting with, supporting, and advocating for those on their own personal journey with infertility or adoption. Follow her family’s story and connect with her on Instagram @betsydearnoone.

14 Fun Driveway Activities for Toddlers

With three kids ages four and under, our days are filled with meals, bottles, naps, and repeating that schedule multiple times. Add in some laundry, and it feels like the day is gone before...

Infertility: Life Between Two Lines

One line. Your heart drops. You sink.One line. You pull the pregnancy test out of the trash and analyze it under every light. *squints* Could that be a second line? Evap line? Two lines....

Meet Betsy Hemesath

Hi fellow mamas! I am beyond honored and excited to join the Des Moines Mom team. Five years ago, writing was never something I thought I’d agree to, but it has become the best...
Dr. Seuss

Should We Celebrate Dr. Seuss?

After a month of learning about black history, schools across the country turn right around and spend the first week of March celebrating Dr. Seuss, a person who exhibited many racist-like tendencies, during Read...