Ashley Dillinger

I am married to an amazing man, Travis, and we have two beautiful girls. I enjoy reading, running, and relaxing. However, with our busy schedule I don't usually find time to do any of those! I could not be happier about our crazy life!
girls weekend

Girls Weekends and Why All Moms Should Take Them

When was the last time you had a girls weekend away? I am learning that taking time away from my kiddos and being on my own is important. Whether it is a night out with...
finding balance motherhood

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

Tonight I left a sink full of dishes, laundry unfolded, and toys all over the living room floor. It was bedtime, and since my four year old still relies on me to put her to...
facebook community groups

Connecting Online – Facebook Communities I Love

Being part of a community is important as a mom and as a human being in general. I have found that outside of my ACTUAL community and network of friends, online communities via Facebook...
sizing up changing ring size

Sizing Up

I have had two kids. I have gone up and down in my clothes size in the last ten years. Even my shoe size has changed frequently. This is not shocking. So I don't...
emergency surgery

It Happened to Me: Emergency Surgery

My Monday started out how all normal Monday's do. Once my oldest was on the bus and my youngest was dropped off at daycare, I headed to work. After about an hour in the...
Giving back birthday presents

Giving Back Birthday Party: Presents for the Community

I love celebrating birthdays. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from my friend birthday parties my mom would put together. I was excited to get to start our own tradition with my kids of...

Tips for the ball field: Six ways to stay sane during softball season

From March through October we live at the softball field. Literally. With Little League and a travel tournament team as well as a father-in-law who coaches high school softball, we spend a lot of time...
Des Moines neighborhood guide - polk city

We Love Polk City: A Guide to Des Moines Neighborhoods

Polk City is a small town with all the benefits of big city living. It provides a close-knit community with access to all the amenities of the metro.
lovey discipline | Des Moines Moms Blog

The Day We Took Her Lovey Away

My youngest daughter is attached to a blanket that she has named Blankie Ellie (because it is covered in elephants). This blanket goes with her just about anywhere, and she refuses to sleep without...
I'm Not a Butthole Wife laundry basket

I’m Not a Butthole Wife, Even if I Want My Husband to Pick Up...

I recently read a blog post titled Stop Being a Butthole Wife. I usually don’t take stock in these types of posts, but this one made me stop and think. Here's the post in a...