Angela Squires

Angela is a happy wife to Travis and blessed mom of four beautiful children--Abel, Amariah, and fraternal twins Isabel and Elliana. She embraces her full-time job as Mom and is now in her sixth year of homeschooling her children. Angela has a passion for the written word--both reading it and expressing herself through it--and deeply enjoys writing at both Eternal Outlook [with Angela] and Des Moines Moms Blog. Angela has a heart for a healthy family life and enjoys doing what it takes to create one. Her goal in life is to live in a way that glorifies God, growing in her relationship with Him and impacting others for Him.

Dreams for When the “Time” is Right

Though I am content as can be with where life and motherhood have me right now, I sometimes like to imagine what I would do if I had more time for individual pursuits. If I...

GroupEx with Geneva – Review

Real fitness for real people. That could be the perfect slogan for local mommy Geneva Ross, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and her business, GroupEx with Geneva. I recently had the good fortune...

A New Perspective on Turning 30

The older I get—or maybe just the longer I live—the more I see that time changes perspective. Next weekend marks the turn of a decade for me… the closing of a most wonderful chapter of...
Unplanned Cesarean Birth

A Scar That Remains: Living with the Emotional Pain of Unplanned Cesarean

Seven years ago, on March 13, 2006, my husband and I welcomed our firstborn son Abel into the world -- but not the way I had hoped to.... From the time I learned of the...

Working on a Great Marriage

Marriage has been a topic heavy on my mind of late, mostly, I suppose, because I've been hearing a lot of marriage-related teachings. It’s funny how things you apparently need to hear have a way of...

Organization Tips: Taming the Toy Beast

I’m probably not the most organized person you’ll ever meet. Actually, I come by “neatness” more naturally than I do “organization”; but in my striving for order, I have met with some success—particularly in...

Organizing the Paper Trail

I grew up with a mom who couldn’t stand to have anything sitting on the kitchen counter.  Her countertops were always spotless, with not even a coffee pot left sitting out.  She didn’t like...

2013: A Resolution for the New Year and Beyond

As I write this post, my family and I are heading home from our holiday travels with a van full of opened gifts, suitcases full of dirty laundry, and hearts full of new memories....

Battling Busyness at Christmastime

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the season of Christmas itself and the fact that, just like the song says, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The shopping, the gift-giving, the traditions, the...

Gift Giving: Minimizing Excess While Maximizing Enjoyment

One of the best things about being a kid is receiving gifts at Christmastime. One of the best things about being a mom is giving gifts at Christmastime. Nothing feels better than watching a...