Angela Squires

Angela is a happy wife to Travis and blessed mom of four beautiful children--Abel, Amariah, and fraternal twins Isabel and Elliana. She embraces her full-time job as Mom and is now in her sixth year of homeschooling her children. Angela has a passion for the written word--both reading it and expressing herself through it--and deeply enjoys writing at both Eternal Outlook [with Angela] and Des Moines Moms Blog. Angela has a heart for a healthy family life and enjoys doing what it takes to create one. Her goal in life is to live in a way that glorifies God, growing in her relationship with Him and impacting others for Him.

Leaving a Job I Loved

It wasn't as easy as I’d thought it would be…. The decision had been made long before I was ever faced with it. It had been my plan for as long as I could...

6 Books I Read This Summer

One of my goals for this summer was to read… a lot. Like most busy moms, I have a hard time finding/making time to read, especially during the school year, so it’s something that...

Breastfeeding Twins

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week; and Des Moines Moms Blog is joining people in more than 170 countries in the celebration. We are pleased to bring you a series of posts this week...
Parenting in the Age of "The Screen"

Parenting in the Age of “The Screen”

Every generation of parents thinks they are raising their children in a very different time than those who have gone before. And to a certain extent, I think they are quite possibly right… especially...

In Real Life: Snippets from the Other Side of the Screen

Over the weekend I read a new post from Amy Roberts, a mommy blogger I follow. In speaking of the importance of living an offline life, Amy made a statement that resonated well with...

Miscarriage: The Bad and the Better

Five years ago, I joined a camp of mothers that I had assumed I’d never join. It was a camp that many of my friends—even my sister and my own mom—were already in, yet...

Getting the Best of Your Summer (without summer getting the best of you)

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We are four weeks into our summer break already, and as usual, I don’t know where the time is going. Sometimes, and especially the older I...

4 Things I’m Loving

1. Summer Break I know most kids aren't on summer break quite yet, but we have been for a couple weeks already—and I’m loving it! As much as I love homeschooling my kids, and as much we...

Sky Zone Des Moines – Review + Giveaway

My oldest child and only son, Abel, recently turned 7; and in celebrating this year, we did something for him that we had never done before: we took his birthday party to the Sky! Because...

“Wearing” My Babies Forever and Always

Spring is a season of sentimentality for me. With my firstborn’s and my own birthdays in March, and Mother’s Day, the twins’ birthday, and the closing of another school year in May, spring always...