Angela Squires

Angela is a happy wife to Travis and blessed mom of four beautiful children--Abel, Amariah, and fraternal twins Isabel and Elliana. She embraces her full-time job as Mom and is now in her sixth year of homeschooling her children. Angela has a passion for the written word--both reading it and expressing herself through it--and deeply enjoys writing at both Eternal Outlook [with Angela] and Des Moines Moms Blog. Angela has a heart for a healthy family life and enjoys doing what it takes to create one. Her goal in life is to live in a way that glorifies God, growing in her relationship with Him and impacting others for Him.
becoming a mom transition

Becoming a Mom: The Hardest Transition of My Life

I’ll never forget that day. That moment. I was sitting at the dining room table in my robe and nursing gown. It’s the wardrobe I lived in that first few weeks of my firstborn’s...

On Having Twins

I used to think I didn't want twins - especially not twin girls. I didn't have any reason to believe I would have twins. I wasn't even one to give a lot of thought...

The Question We Never Faced

I have a scar. It’s not pretty, but it tells a beautiful story. Maybe you remember when I gave you the beginning of it—when I showed you my scar—when I acknowledged for the first...

Tell Them.

Whether it’s all the lovey-dovey holiday hype, the girlish fever for Daddy-Daughter-Dance fancies, a series of personal, real-life conversations I've had, or some combination of it all, something has my heart on high alert...

Setting Up a Budget for 2014

Six years ago this month, my husband and I started living by a written budget, and it changed our lives. Since the time of taking that primary step of financial discipline, we have become...

GiveDSM: Holiday Giving Opportunities in Des Moines

As I sit in Caribou Coffee writing this post, sipping hot coffee and soaking up the cozy warmth of the fireplace next to me, I look up from my laptop screen to the chalkboard...

Month of Meal Plans, Week 1

Des Moines Moms Blog is excited to bring you a series of posts this month meant to inspire and equip you in your meal planning and cooking endeavors! Throughout the month, four of our...

Christmas is Coming… and so is More STUFF

I’m starting to panic. Christmas is coming, and along with it thoughts of wish lists and gifts and a new influx of stuff, and I’m freaking out a little bit on the inside. Of course...

Sometimes: Real Moments from Life as Mom

Do you ever feel like there is nothing certain and absolute about Life as Mom? So very little from the days we spend in the trenches of motherhood can be predicted or controlled; and...

Friendship and Motherhood

Friendship. We grow up being warned that friends will come and go—that life will happen, places and circumstances will change, and the people with whom we will surround ourselves won’t always stay the same. And then...