Assembling the Perfect Ensemble for Family Pictures


The holidays are nearing and with them the end of another year. Christmas cards are being prepared and festivities are being planned as we are reminded that time is as fleeting as the changing of the seasons. For all these reasons and more, this time of year has a way of inspiring the cherishing of time, the celebration of family… and the undertaking of family pictures….

Every mom knows that Family Picture time can be stressful… because if there is one moment in time that you just really need everyone and everything to come together, it’s that moment which will be captured by the camera and which will sort of represent your family for the coming year.

No pressure, right?…

You carefully schedule your photo session for the time of day which you hope will find all the kids well-rested and recently fed.  You begin praying that no one will bruise a forehead or scrape a chin between now and then.  And then you move on to the next task… figuring out just what it is that everyone is going to wear….

Obviously, the biggest driver of this decision is the budget.  You may or may not be able to purchase something new for everyone; but, either way, with a little creativity and some hard work, you can ensure that your family looks good.  Here are a few different color concepts you can use as you work on assembling the perfect ensemble for your family’s pictures.

Plain and Simple

Put everyone in the same color.  This won’t produce the most visually interesting outcome, but it can be a good option for a photo session on a budget—especially if it means you can use clothing you already own (like we did for this picture!).

Coordinating Solids

This is another idea I’ve used a couple times with good results.  The benefits of this concept are that (1) it’s colorful and (2) it, too, may be accomplished with pieces you already have in your closets.  You can put girls in one color and boys in another, or you can put everyone in a different color.  As long as the colors blend well together, it works!

New and Trendy

This is a fun approach if you plan to buy everyone new clothes for pictures.  The expense can be justifiable if you know your family members will be needing a few new things for the new season anyway.  Start by scoping out your favorite stores and determining what the popular colors of the season are.  Choosing a trendy color scheme will help ensure your success in finding something for everyone.  Pick an inspiring piece, and use it as the basis as you shop for the rest of the ensemble.

Now, if only everyone will smile as nicely as they’re dressed….

So, how do you dress your family for snapshot success?



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