Ask the Hard Questions


Any Brené Brown fans out there?

From the beginning of Rising Strong, I was hooked and have found her words resonating with me ever since.

Rising Strong: Ask the Hard Questions | Des Moines Moms BlogRight now, as I write this, our lives are off kilter, our schedules are askew, and I have found myself procrastinating even to share a thought with you.

I’m tempted to say it’s just summer.

Or recovering from an illness.

Or barely being out of the first trimester.

But I hear her voice, her words, in my head, challenging me.



Name it.

Ask the Hard Questions.


I protest. Solid sounding, grown-up justifications for why scrubbing marker off the table or grading one more paper is more significant than my heart’s condition.

The constant juxtaposition of longing for discoveries in the deep–for me, for you–yet being so dang good at staying on the surface.

Believing that treading water is sustainable.

I don’t think I’ll make it to the depths today.

But I’ll read and remember these words.

I’ll take accountability from this wonderful community of women.

And I’ll definitely finish my coffee.

Are you in a season of the shallows?

What would it take for you to dive in and ask your hard questions?

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