A New Perspective on Turning 30

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The older I get—or maybe just the longer I live—the more I see that time changes perspective.

Next weekend marks the turn of a decade for me… the closing of a most wonderful chapter of my life—my 20s, the decade that saw me growing into adulthood, meeting and marrying an amazing man, birthing four beautiful children, learning how to be a mom, beginning my journey of homeschooling, and so much more—and the start of a new chapter, my 30s, which holds treasures and trials and teachings yet unknown to me.

Up until about the past year, I could have identified myself with the camp of 20-somethings who dread turning 30—you know, the “29 forever” people. Thirty just seemed like the edge of “old” to me; and I didn’t think I liked the thought of arriving there.

But over the past year, as my 30th birthday has steadily approached even against my former will to stop it, I have been pleasantly surprised by the peace I feel in turning the page. You see, time has changed my perspective.

Not only am I no longer dreading turning 30; I am excited about it. My 20s have been beautiful and blessed, but the journey doesn’t stop here. I am excited about the things I will learn, the experiences I will have, and the ways I will grow as my life continues on into this new chapter.

The only thing troubling me now is deciding just how I should celebrate my momentous day! 🙂

How has time changed your perspective on age?

(And how should I CELEBRATE?!)


  1. Oh Angela I love being in my 30s!  The past few years have been the best in my life!  Way better than my 20s!  Welcome… you will love it.  Hopefully I will say the same in 10 years!

  2. I turn 30 this year and am looking forward to it! I am much more comfortable with my 29-year-old self than I was with my 19-year-old self, so things can only get better, right?!

  3. as the OLDER but not necessarily wiser woman….i wish you an amazing day! thanks for the perspective. i was in a funk for all of 29 and didn’t want to embrace it. i say celebrate at FLEMINGS!

  4. Love this post Angela!  I am excited to age…maybe not the wrinkle and gray hair part of aging but definitely the wisdom part!  I hope you have a fabulous 30th birthday!


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