A Few of My Favorite Things


It’s that time of year… time to make a wish list of what you want from good ‘ol St. Nick! So, I compiled a few of my favorite things for you guys! Here ya go!

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Sorry for the selfies!  🙂

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Favorite T-Shirt.

I am obsessing over my new Instagram find, Flybird Apparel. Not only do their T-shirts deliver in the cute department, BUT they also totally feel amazingly on! Seriously. I am TOTALLY a T-shirt and jeans girl, so this shop was right up my alley! ***Buy this shirt and 100% of the proceeds go to a little boy fighting cancer. It might have to make its way into my closet, too! Find out more by following @flybirdapparel on Instagram!

Favorite Decoration.

Copper. Thanks to Target Threshold, I now have a few pops of copper in my open shelving in my kitchen. I’m a fan. It’s a fun way to give these shelves a pop or even to decorate a table for Christmas. And seriously… Target, I love you! #targetaddict

A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite Boots.

Okay, it’s hard for me to pick one because I have a slight boot obsession, but the winner this year is Sorel (I know — probably not the best choice for this snowless Iowa winter!)! These boots aren’t just warm, practical, and great for snow — they are super cute, too! I think every Iowa mama deserves a pair to play out in the snow with her kiddos! OR just to wear while running errands around town! 😉 Here are some of my favs along with the pair I own!  A Few of My Favorite Things
A Few of My Favorite Things A Few of My Favorite Things A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite Guilty Pleasure.

Spray tanning all winter long. Seriously! I know most of our bodies are covered in layers of clothes all the winter, but this mama doesn’t care. I love, love, love to have a little color. I just do. Plus, you can always find great deals on Groupon or even by calling the salons — they always have deals! Or, you can be extra thrifty and buy a bottle online and DIY it! The best part is you don’t have to feel guilty about skin cancer, wrinkling, or age spots! 😉

A Few of My Favorite Things
Me and a few friends at Exile!

Favorite Restaurant.

Exile Brewery. I am a HUGE fan of this place. The atmosphere, the food, the beer… you can’t go wrong! My favorite thing to order is their Chicken Sandwich, Truffle Fries, and a Hannah… so good (and so healthy HA!)! Side note: If you have time, go on the brewery tour! It’s super interesting and kind of amazing what goes into making beer!

A Few of My Favorite ThingsFavorite Beauty Product.

Younique concealer! Wow… just wow! <<<Maybe a little dramatic?! But I really do love it! It goes on easily and seriously covers up/conceals anything! (You can always reach out Angela if you want to try it out!)

vs-t-shirt-bra-lFavorite Bra.

Because let’s be real… we are all always searching for the perfect bra. My favorite everyday bra is the Victoria’s Secret T-shirt bra. So, so comfortable and so, so practical! Light padding a little push-up… I’m a fan!

cn10067466Favorite Undies.

My all time favorite underwear is Gap Body Hipsters. My cousin introduced me to these a few years back and I fell in love! They are so soft and fit AWESOMELY… slightly cheeky (for the hubby… LOL!), cotton, and stretchy… so good! Tip: I always buy them when they have 40% off! 😉

Merry Christmas, Des Moines Moms Blog readers! May your Christmas be filled with JOY, LOVE, and LAUGHTER! XOXO!


  1. I would love a recommendation for a good spray tanning place! I am taking a trip to Puerto Rico this winter and also am pregnant – so regular tanning beds are out but I don’t want to be totally pasty! Would you sharing your favorite?


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