7 Things that Are Saving My Life


saving my lifeA couple of months ago I sat propped up against my bed pillows. I was scrolling Zillow for fun. My husband and I were close to lights out when I came across a unique home. Handing the phone to my husband, I showed him the house. I didn’t think much of it as I had shown him homes I liked many times before. 

“I like THIS!” he exclaimed. “I think we should check it out.”

My husband is a practical fellow. He doesn’t get enthralled easily. 

Taken aback, I asked “Are you sure? Because we can’t go look unless you are seriously interested.” 

He was seriously interested.

The next day we visited the property. Ten minutes away from our current home, in a suburb, near big box stores. This scenario was never our ideal, yet we fell in love! The home was everything we had hoped for but didn’t realize we wanted.

Within fifteen hours we applied for a loan, filled out paperwork, wrote a letter to the current homeowners, made an offer, got into a short bidding war, then found our offer was accepted. I felt like we had been through the wringer, like bidding on a horse at the racetrack, hoping he wins.

Well, he won!

We haven’t regretted our purchase and we are extremely excited to move this autumn! But in the meantime, we had to list our current home to sell.

Surviving a Crazy Season

Over the last few months, my husband and I have worked tirelessly to get our home ready to show. First, we rented a large dumpster and vowed never to accumulate anything ever again! 

After our great purge of 2021, we rented a Pod. We boxed up winter coats, music equipment, framed art, and whatever else we didn’t need until settled into our new home. Then we hired painters and made necessary repairs to our abode. Finally, we deep cleaned and staged each room. 

You could say we are spent!

So, what has been saving my life during this rollercoaster summer?

Let me tell you!

I’ll start with the most important lifesaver of all (time)!

Living Life On Life’s Terms

Since I’ve been working a recovery program, I have heard the saying “Live life on life’s terms”. This means do what you can do, then accept whatever happens. I’ve been able to accept what life has thrown at us during the process of buying and listing a home. Focusing on what I can control saves me time, energy, and worry.  


In the midst of living life on life’s terms, I try to be a thorough communicator. Communication saves relationships and our mental health. Because of good communication, my husband and I have been able to meet one another’s needs and process arguments more quickly.

Communication with family and friends has also been helpful. No one needs to feel like I’m ignoring my relationship with them. Those closest to me know what season of life I am in. 


Screens have saved my sanity. There is no way I could have gotten as much done this summer without screens.

As a lifestyle, I would never recommend hours of screen time for anyone. That said, screens gave me time when time is what I needed most. It’s funny, but a couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about screen free activities for families. Alas, life isn’t black and white. 

This summer Roblox, Procreate, and child directed home movies have saved my buy-a-home-list-a-home life. Without these apps, my kids would have been begging me for other kinds of fun which I had no time to give this particular summer. Of course I felt bad a time or two, but I had to remind myself that seasons end.

Oh, and let’s not forget about my iPhone screen. I’ve had my phone close while painting trim and scrubbing grout. On my phone might be a murder mystery podcast, embarrassing reality TV (I am shamelessly telling you I am a sucker for Big Brother), a recorded recovery meeting, or music. 

Screens aren’t always the bad guy. 

Lawn Care Service

Never before had we hired someone to mow our lawn. This summer was the summer we said “Let’s do it!”  My husband has a demanding job, and I’ve been home taking care of kids while simultaneously trying to get our home show ready then keep our home show-ready. So in June, we decided to ask for help with our lawn.

Pre-packaged Foods and Garden Veggies

I cannot wait to make home-cooked meals! I yearn to be in the kitchen, following recipes and trying new dishes. This season of life has been fast and furious. There’s been no time for cooking enjoyment. The mess alone would be a headache to clean up after our realtor calls and says someone wants to view your home in an hour.  

On the flip side, I’m grateful for options. Here is a list of some of my favorite pre-packaged family-friendly foods for when you need a quick meal!

  • Taylor Farms Creamy Dill Pickle Salad Kit – I purchase this double bag delight from Costco. It’s satisfying and contains superfoods.
  • Skyr Icelandic Yogurt – I buy many cartons of this yogurt brand from Aldi. I top it off with a dollop of Almond butter and Keto Nut Granola from Costco. 
  • Morning Star Products – Although not ideal as compared to homemade veggie burgers, this brand does the trick. In our home, we have two vegetarians, which means we mostly eat vegetarian foods. It’s easier that way.
  • Organic Jack’s Cantina Salsa or Frontera Tomatillo Salsa – I didn’t come from a salsa-loving family. Somehow I became a salsa-loving mama. These two are my favorite pre-packaged salsa’s and my kids love them too. We make a lot of bean and cheese quesadillas and vegetarian nachos. These salsas pair well!
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies – Snack plates for lunch and dinner win every time! Cut up peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers make every tongue happy at our house. Some of us love nectarines while others enjoy a bowl of cherries. I add some cheese, bread, hummus, and nuts to the plate then dinner is served.


Whether it be walks with my dog, my family, or by myself, I am always guaranteed a mind-body renewal. After a nice long walk, I’ll notice a difference in my kids’ attitudes as well. Maybe a moody kid becomes lite or a bored kid gets an idea. A walk is like hitting a reset button! They keep my heart rate up as well as clear any mental debris.

Public Swimming Pools

This summer swimming has been our go-to activity. When we aren’t home tackling a project or cleaning for a showing, to the pool we go. I try to be a present parent, letting the sun do it’s magic as the water cools us down. A bonus is that I get to affirm my summer body while appreciating yours.

We are still in the midst of trying to sell our home. It’s been on the market for a few days now. As we hurry up and wait, I will continue to fall back on these life-saving gems! Hopefully, our sanity-saving experiences are reminders to you that it’s ok to utilize convenience when life is full throttle. Your sanity will thank you. 

What things are saving your life in this season?

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Hello! My name is Abbey Kennedy. I am a sober enneagram four, unschooling femme raising three kids and a dog. I’m also a wife to a software engineer by day, musician by night. I love spending time with my family, my friends, and myself. Walks in nature, works of art, eclectic environments give me life! I also love a good oat milk latte, podcasts for days, writing, self-reflection, dancing, and laughing. Humor steals the show! You can find me on Instagram as @velvet_gazelle.


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