6 Reasons to Love 6 Year Olds


6 Reasons to Love 6 Year OldSophia is officially in the “big kids” club. Her chubby baby cheeks have diminished and her arms and legs are taking on that awkward, gangly stage most kids endure during their school-aged years. As much as I miss those chubby cheeks and sweet, baby moments- every stage and every age is even better than the last.

As Sophia gets older, these are the reasons I think six year olds pretty much rock!

  1. Independence

    You know when kiddos get to the stage where everything is, “I DO IT!” and their quests for independence results in some harried results? Well, when they turn six, not only do they continue to declare their independence, but it actually results in things getting done.

    Sophia dresses herself (the kid’s got some serious style), brushes her teeth and her hair, and never forgets to add a headband or some other sparkly contraption to her hair. Watching her get ready and accessorize is one of my favorite things about this age. Her unique style is truly coming out, and I have loved watching it unfold.

    She also can go to the bathroom ALL BY HERSELF- mama’s with younger ones- we ALL know the pain that is having a kiddo being potty trained but still being called upon to help with the wiping (you know what I’m talking about!)

    She also gets her own snacks, helps her little sister, cleans her room and makes her bed, AND puts away her laundry! (FIST BUMP!)

  1. Friendships

    I have absolutely LOVED watching Sophia form friendships at school. Hearing about her day, the friends she played with, and how she is navigating the social world has been awesome. Watching her run away, giggling and hugging her friends when I drop her off at school, without a second glance back fills my mama heart up to no end. She has already started exchanging friendship bracelets, and I think the best part of her day is recess and lunch when she can socialize 🙂

  1. Conversations

    Y’all. The conversations I have with my six-year-old blow me away on the daily. We talk about topics ranging from gender roles and different families to animal adaptations and the Liberty Bell. (PS- When your kid asks you what “liberty” means and you have to look it up, it makes you feel like a winner! I know what it means, but explaining it to a six-year-old was the difficult part)

    I can just see the wheels turning when we  we are talking about important topics, like what has been going on around the world, and I love that we can start having these serious conversations and she is actually going to be processing them and making her own meaning out of them.

  1. Rule follower

    Maybe it’s just my six-year-old, but I think in general, six-year-olds are still at an age where they want to please their parents and other adults. Sophia is a rule follower to a T and recently, has made exclamations that something isn’t fair (most of the time in situations with her little sister). Sophia is sure to tell me that someone at school didn’t follow the rules or that Saidey isn’t following the rules, either.

    At this age, your six-year-old still holds you in the apple of their eye and yearns for your approval. I say, take advantage of this while you can mamas!

  1. Hugs and lovins’

    Mamas of littles, have no fear that when your littles get bigger, they won’t want hugs and lovin’ anymore. Oh, contraire. The hugs and lovins’ just get bigger and better. Instead of a neatly tucked newborn, you’ll be a tangle of legs and arms and the unexpected hug is the best ever.

    Six-year-olds still love themselves some cuddles, and I’d say the cuddles just keep getting better and better.

  1. FUNNY

    You know what’s funny? A six-year-old’s attempt at making jokes. We get knock-knock jokes and fart jokes. She actually gets jokes now, too which makes things really giggly and interesting in our house. Her humor and wittiness is really starting to develop, and it’s so much fun to watch. 

So, those are just SIX reasons why I’m loving this six-year-old of mine! I was a little nervous about how we’d navigate the school stage, and I’m so happy to say, that it just keeps getting better and better!

6 year old with style

What age and stage has been your favorite? 



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