5 Reasons to Consider Goldfish Swim Force

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Goldfish Swim School has easily become my favorite place for swim lessons and the place I recommend to all my friends when they ask about lessons. Both of my swimmers are at different levels and skill sets, but Goldfish Swim School provides both the instruction they need to keep improving.  For my older, more advanced swimmer, Swim Force is exactly what he needs to continue to swimming at a more competitive level. Is Swim Force right for your swimmer?

Here are 5 reasons why you might want to try Goldfish Swim Force!

  1. Swim Force is a great workout. Swimming is one of those great life skills and sports that you can do at any age – young or old. With Swim Force, the swimmers rotate practicing Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly for an hour each week. That’s an hour of solid swimming and low impact exercise. After Swim Force night, my swimmer always sleeps well!
  2. Swim Force is wonderful for the more advanced swimmer. It’s a great bridge between kids who have completed standard swim lessons and want to continue to become proficient to someday swim at a higher level. 
  3. Swim Force is season-less. I love the fact that unlike your standard sports like baseball, football, soccer, there is no “Swim Force season.” Goldfish Swim School is an indoor pool that maintains a constant 90 degree water temperature 24/7. This means no rain-out games, sweltering sun, or shivering in freezing temps. #momwin
  4. Swim Force is for any age. As long as you have completed the previous levels or can pass a basic entry level test, you can be in Swim Force. You can be as young as 5 years old or as mature as 12 years old and everyone swims together!
  5. Swim Force is both an individual and a team sport. Yes, your swimmer is swimming individually, but they are also swimming as part of team. At times they will compete against each other, but it is done in a fun and encouraging way. Quarterly swim meets, that were put on hold for covid-19, will be starting up again too!

We love Swim Force and Goldfish Swim School for both of our swimmers. Check it out for yourself and you’ll see why it’s the place for swim lessons in Des Moines!

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