4 Things I’m Loving


1. Summer Break

I know most kids aren’t on summer break quite yet, but we have been for a couple weeks already—and I’m loving it! As much as I love homeschooling my kids, and as much we enjoy every single day of our school year, we are always excited for a break: not so much because of what we’re NOT doing (i.e. school) but because of what we CAN do when that 3-4 hour chunk of time opens up!

Swingset Snack-edit
Sisters chilling on the swings having a snack

Some of the ways we’ve been spending our “extra” time include swinging in the backyard (before the playset was ripped out of the ground by the storm Sunday night, that is), taking morning walks, and visiting the library. And that’s just the “together” stuff! Summertime is also my chance to catch up on both cleaning/decluttering/organizing projects AND my personal reading list! Which leads me to the next thing I’m loving….

2. The Deer Run Saga

I mentioned last month that I was wanting to read this book series by local author Elaine Marie Cooper. Well, now that my homeschooling duties have slowed for the summer, I have finally found the time to read for pleasure. And let me tell you, it has been a pleasure. In fact, I’ve had to discipline myself to read only at night after the kids go to bed because once I pick this story up I can hardly put it down! (You may recall the giveaway we did back in January on this series. If not, check it out here.)

Deer Run Saga

3. The Weather

So maybe you’ll think I’m as crazy as the Iowa weather, but I’ve actually enjoyed the wide array of elements we’ve experienced this month. We went into our last day of school wearing snow boots and a sunburn! I mean, really, how often do we see 90-some degree temperatures, snow, and tornadoes all within a three-week time frame? Of course, I don’t love tornadoes or the damage that goes along with that type of a storm–and I am so sorry for those who have experienced the devastation of the recent storms–but I’ll enjoy a nice rumble of thunder and a refreshing rain (almost) any day.

Ice cream truck and sweat pants in May
Ice cream truck and sweat pants in May

4. Shellac Manicures

A couple months ago I got my first shellac manicure, and as I predicted, I am addicted. I don’t have great nails—and like a lot of busy moms, I don’t take great care of my nails—so it’s been nice to have nails that look nice, you know?! The shellac nail polish not only stays on but it also protects my nails from breaking. And getting it redone every 2-3 weeks gives me a sure chance for a recurring couple hours of “me” time, something every mom loves.

Shellac Manicure 2013-04-25

What are YOU loving right now?! Share with us by leaving a comment below!



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