4 Reasons Any Mom Will Love Podcasts


My husband recently introduced me to podcasts. It makes me giggle a little to admit that I enjoy them, because it is basically talk radio. As a kid, I would get so annoyed when my parents would have talk radio on in the car. Thanks to the technology gurus, there are now such things as headphones and iPhones to save my children the same agony!

4 Reasons Any Mom Will Love Podcasts | Des Moines Moms Blog

4 Reasons Why Any Mom Will Love Podcasts:

  1. Convenient: As my children are still tiny, I don’t have a lot of quality time to sit and read as I would like. By listening to podcasts, I can get learning, enjoyment, inspiration, and devotions all in while on a walk or in the car.
  2. Time: Along with the above, the podcasts range from 15 minutes to an hour, but because I use my traveling time, chore time, etc., I can get a lot more in. My favorite feature is the speed feature where you basically listen in fast forward. It sounds a little like chipmunks at first, but once you get used to it, it really shortens up the length of the podcast.
  3. Easy: I was worried I’d have to mess with iTunes or click around forever. But I don’t. I just click PLAY and plug in my headphones. Easy-peasy!
  4. Free: When I am at home and connected to my Wi-Fi, I download the episodes I want to listen to so they are stored on my phone. This way I can listen anytime, anywhere without having to stream them. I also subscribe to certain podcasts so they automatically download on my phone and sit in my Unplayed feed.

Enjoy Some of My Favorites:

(Click on their name to take you to their podcast.)

Michael Hyatt: Inspirational and Self-Improvement. Focusing around leadership and productivity.

Straight from the Heartland: Our Des Moines Moms Blog contributor, Christine Meggison, and two of her girlfriends host this podcast. They gab about being moms, girlfriend stuff, and their faith. My favorite so far (no offense, girls) was the one where their husbands took over!

Conversations with John and Lisa Bevere: Two of my favorite Christian authors and speakers. I enjoy hearing them together.

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes: A former professional football player, he interviews a wide range of influential people including athletes, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Focus on Parenting: From Focus on the Family, this is great encouragement for any parent.

One Bad Mother: A different kind of podcast for moms — a funny one!

This American Life: If you like stories, this one is widely popular.

What are your favorite podcasts? Please share in the comments so we can make one giant favorite list!

Happy podcasting!


  1. My two most favorite podcasts are:

    The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and
    StoryCast with Traci and Rebecca

    I am a runner and last year while training for a half marathon, I fell in LOVE with podcasts. I was at a place where I wasn’t excited about JUST listening to music anymore and with podcasts, I felt like it was nourishing my soul while I was taking care of my body through running. It’s a win/win!!!


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