30 Days of Thankfulness

Thankful for these girls
Thankful for these girls

As a stay-at-home mom, I have many opportunities throughout each day to consider–to witness–what I am thankful for.

Being thankful keeps us grounded. If we take for granted all that we are given in this life, we are always left wanting more–bigger and better. If we take our lives at face value and recognize the things we are thankful for, our hearts are full.

For Our Children.

Thankful for this boy
Thankful for this boy

It is important that our children learn what having a thankful heart is like. The children who do not learn this early on become entitled. Always wanting, never content. Searching for something to fill their lives. Always expecting more out of life.

Being thankful for your current circumstances gives joy and peace.

The Challenge.

A couple years ago, my friend extended this challenge to me:

For the month of November, publicly proclaim what you are thankful for each day.

For me, this is how I announced our pregnancy to the “Facebook world” in 2011. “I am thankful for this little life growing inside of me.” Some days it was more challenging. I woke up with an ungrateful heart, complaining and unmotivated. Doing this challenge each day, helped forced me to be grateful. Some days it was as simple as, “I am thankful for my home that keeps me sheltered from the cold.”

Join Me!

Readers, will you join me this year, November 1-30? Let’s flood Facebook and Twitter with thankful hearts! It would be fun for all of us to use the same hashtag so we can click it each day and see all that Des Moines moms are thankful for. Let’s use “#thankfulDMmamas“!

I am excited to read these each day and to count all of the blessings we have. I have so much to be thankful for! This is a great time for me to reflect on that and to make it known. Thank you for joining with me!

Thankful for this man
Thankful for this man
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Rachel is the wife to an accountant, the mom to a sweetheart, Cadence (Dec. 2004), a sass-a-frass, Liliana (April 2007), a smiley little guy, Drake (May 2012) and a precious baby sister, Sophia (October 2015). She enjoys her days at home taking care of her babies, setting up play dates, being active in her girls' classrooms, blogging, baking and praying. Check her out at myspoonfulofsugar-rv.blogspot.com and desmoinesmomsblog.com.


  1. I love it Rachel. I saw an idea on pinterest to make leaves hang them in your living room on a rope and write on one each day as a family for November. This year I going to do this! I want to hang in our dinning room and do it at supper every evening! I started a gratitude journal and it really stretches you to look for the little things like “wrinkled toes after a bath”. Thanks for the push to make this happen this year.


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