3 Tips for Clothes Shopping with Amazon Prime


Last spring I was desperate for a solid, royal blue shirt for a work event. I shopped at all the local boutiques that I love and then checked out the mall. I was really hoping for a specific color and style, so I decided to check Amazon.com. As a long time Prime addict, I’ve purchased everything from grill covers to snack bars to banana bunkers (that one is worth looking up for the comments alone) but had yet to buy clothing. That I was skeptical would be an understatement. I looked at the description online and read the comments about sizing and decided to give it a shot. After all, it was only $11.99 and offered free returns.

When the shirt arrived, it was in a plastic sack. I was still quite skeptical. However, when I put it on, it was very comfortable and exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve worn that shirt a lot over the summer, and it has been washed frequently. I wouldn’t say the quality is super high (at $11.99 I knew it wouldn’t be), but I was overall very happy with my purchase. I decided to try a few more shirts this summer and have been very pleased with all of them as well.

3 Tips for Clothes Shopping with Amazon Prime | Des Moines Moms Blog
This is a photo from the last Des Moines Moms Blog Bloom event–and I’m wearing the royal blue Amazon shirt!

While this has been a good option for me when I cannot find what I need locally, there are some DEFINITE things to consider before buying something online. I hope you find these helpful if you’re buying clothing online from Amazon.

Check All Brands

I’m not sure the reasoning behind this, but the exact same clothing item will likely be listed by various companies with the exact same picture. Check out each listing and see if you can find any differences—often times it’s in the price.

3 Tips for Clothes Shopping with Amazon Prime | Des Moines Moms Blog
This is the same cardigan from three different companies–watch the price and comments! (Photo from Amazon Shopping Search)

Read the Reviews!

I cannot stress this one enough! I almost always read the online reviews before I buy something, but this is CRITICAL when ordering clothing. I was looking at a cardigan with elbow patches, and one lady commented that the patches were on the wrong side of the sleeve! Needless to say, I skipped that shirt. Another thing to read in the comments is whether the clothing runs true to size or if it runs smaller or larger to size. The comments are very helpful. Be sure to leave your comments for other ladies, too!

Note the Return Policy

Clothing doesn’t always fit me well, so I need a good return policy. (I have clothes from Medium to XXL in my closet — I never know which size to buy!) The clothing items I’ve purchased so far have fit well except for one swimsuit. I knew the seller offered free returns for the swimsuit, and it was really easy to return it. I just put it back in the original packaging, followed the Amazon Return directions, and dropped it off at UPS. The money was back on my credit card before they received the swimsuit back. I personally wouldn’t buy an item unless it had free returns. Most sellers offer free returns though.

Great for Moms

Amazon Prime clothes shopping would have been great when I was home with my babies. I remember trying to find shirts/pants/dresses to wear for various events or work but no extra time for shopping! If you hate shopping or just simply don’t have the time, I’d recommend trying Amazon Prime. Just don’t forget these tips!

P.S. While this isn’t really a purchasing tip, I also learned that you can mark “favorites” in the Amazon Fashion department. I thought this was a pretty great feature!

Have you purchased clothing from Amazon? What are your thoughts?


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